Friday, March 11, 2016

Superdry summer


It’s no secret that the past few days have been much warmer than the rest of the year’s first quarter. A few more weeks then there’s no denying the arrival of summer. No matter how much we resist, it’s better to embrace the season (I’m sure many of you have been sweating it out, anyway, at the gym to get your bodies beach-ready.)

What better way to acknowledge our country’s forever-tropical weather than to don the appropraite florals and foliage?

Above left: Floral Forage T-shirt, in green and pink hibiscus, £24.99; right: Hawaii Zip Hoodie, £54.99


I have never been one to deny comfort. T-shirt weather is t-shirt weather. Why beat around the palm fronds? Just don’t forget your denim jackets for the unpredictable cold, breezy, and possibly rainy summer nights.

Above left: Palm Tiki T-shirt, £24.99; right: Razor Jacket, $170, which has inner pockets


Like my mother and her mother before her, I’ve always been a water-baby. Used to be a lot darker when I was a kid because I spent almost the entire day in the water, or by the beach, playing with the sand.

My boyfriend has booked a few trips for us at the end of the year, one of which involves the water, and – gasp – rapids!

Above left: Skandia Surf T-shirt, with turned up sleeves, $50; right: Classics T-Shirt, finished with a Vintage Superdry Store logo tab, $50


The trips were meant to be a surprise (after much effort queuing online for discount fares), even if I’d really rather be stuck in the city. Fresh air and a change of scenery, though, should always be welcomed.

Above left: Osaka 6 Photographic T-shirt, $50; right: Triple Stitch Worn Wash T-shirt, $50


If you are planning any trips, don’t forget to pack your essentials, save up for shopping and site-seeing, and don’t forget your wits!

Above, from left: Urban Watch, which has a silicone strap and stainless steel buckle fastening, $50; Number 1 Co. T-shirt in red, $50; California Tarp Backpack, which includes multi-function compartments including a padded laptop sleeve, $110

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Blue and white stripes


So it’s been confirmed, we’ll be moving back to the house on the ides of March – of all inauspicious dates.


I’ll miss walking back to the apartment from the office every evening after work. (The house is further away and requires a tricycle ride.)


I guess the thing I’ll be missing the most is the upper-floor views of the metropolis: the sky, the skyline, the sun and the clouds.


Though I can’t wait to get back to the books that I’ve packed in boxes.


I’ll be bringing back with me much more than I took – gasp!


Now I’m worried how I’ll be able to read and write, since my view of the sky is a lot narrower from my room.


Even if the room I’ll be moving back to is better lit.


Better bathroom as well!


Still saving up to buy my own apartment unit through my investments, which after months of being in the red are now in the black.


I don’t know if I’m ready to revisit old ghosts.


The carpenters say door knobs turn on their own, doors open by themselves.


Time for an exorcism if you asked me.


But the bigger question, it seems, is whether I’m ready for catharsis. 


After more than a decade of delay, the answer is a fervent yes!

T-shirt, chinos, and socks: all Uniqlo
Belt, Factorie
Sneakers, thrifted
Flamaere 8mm Blue Tiger’s Eye Bracelet, Bosquejo
Bluflamma Blue Tiger’s Eye Bracelet, Bosquejo

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Dior Homme Intense Eau de Parfum


So, I finally opened the box after letting it sit on my desk for a couple of weeks.


Consulted a perfume blog and found out that you could actually find out the version of the scent by looking at the bottom of the glass container: this one being 5V02.


The first time I used it last week, I think I made the mistake of spritzing myself twice, instead of just once – which made it all the more potent.


My first impression of Dior Homme Intense Eau de Parfum on myself? At first, I would say it smells deceptively common, seemingly less serious – but after its introduction, it reveals itself as intense and vigorously intoxicating.


Only after taking pictures of the bottle did I notice the imprint of the bee on the box. Suddenly the metaphor made sense – but I am getting ahead of myself.


What made it somewhat familiar, at first smell, I would guess must be due to the short-lived lavender.


But then the scent stays on for hours – only then was I able to deduce its enduring charms. 

Compared to my previous scent, YSL La Nuit De L’Homme Le Parfum, Dior Homme Intense is less concentrated, in eau de parfum form.


Depending on your emotions when you first spritz it on – it can be revolting at first, as when someone who has a forceful voice disturbs the peace in a room, but it grows on you – the same way when after actually listening to what that person has got to say, you realize that he not only makes sense, but you’d also like to be in his company a little bit longer, just to hear both the sound of his voice and make sense of his ideas. Maybe even open yourself to the possibility of falling in love.


You can’t help but feel intrigued at the complexity, until you are finally captivated – hook, line, and sinker. 


What made me swoon? Dior Homme Intense has a Tuscan iris top note, which smells a bit powdery. Some would call it the “lipstick note” because there is a hint of femininity. Mixed with the gourmand smell of Ecuadorian ambrette seed – which smells like cocoa and vanilla – the eau de parfum takes on a sickly sweet character.


This gives way to its base note, a woody Virginia cedar, which makes it endlessly riveting. As with all the scents that I like, it is both feminine and masculine, sensitive and strong. Here’s to more days and nights and languid afternoons in yet another monogamous olfactory relationship.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Blue boy


Finally, haircut done as resolved earlier!


Though my forehead is still shiny as ever (mattifier, anyone?).


And my boat shoes as dusty as my resolutions.


Decided to wear out one of several pairs of shorts I bought at Chatuchak Market in Bangkok last month. Without a belt, of course!


And, a week right before we left the apartment condominium to return the renovated house, I actually woke up early to dive into the pool before children overrun it.


Also, you can’t see it here, but I’m also wearing Dior Homme Intense Eau de Parfum from a freshly popped bottle, which I’ll be blogging about soon.


Hmmm, did I miss anything? Nothing really except the usual things I’ve been writing about and boring you with.


Nothing except that I am still swooning over my new favourite scent – as usual, I'm wearing something meant for summer nights all throughout the day.


Brooding and writing about things that continue to cut to the quick.

T-shirt, Uniqlo
Shorts from Bangkok
Shoes, Sebago
Scent, Dior Homme Intense Eau de Parfum

Loafing around


Penny for your thoughts? It's been a while since I bought new shoes, and this latest update on G.H. Bass & Co. penny loafers is right on the money – loungy and casual, but never careless.


Or would you prefer to hang it all out? If so, this tasselled pair will bring you through the refreshing lull of the weekend. Till we meet again next week!