Monday, April 27, 2015

Child's play


As promised, I have finally changed the backdrops in my cameos. So many nooks and crannies to shoot at in the apartment!


There’s a tennis court, a swimming pool, a grotto fountain – heck, even a mail room to explore. You can see that I’m positively giddy.


Positive being the operative word. Many times my impatience and intransigence really just conceal an unconquerable sense of optimism. A sense of what’s possible, an indomitable sense of faith.


Time and time again I have found it unfortunate that people mistake my standards for negative attitude. I have nothing to say to the lazy, self-satisfied, and mediocre.


Though I may wish for stones to fall from the sky and for certain individuals to drop off steep cliffs, really, I am more interested in what meteors and the depths of our consciousness have to reveal.


Again, I have said too much. Let’s just say that every game of tic-tac-toe conceals ticks, knacks, and foes.
Polo shirt, Michael Bastian x Uniqlo
Trousers, Uniqlo
Leather sneakers, Jil Sander
Cirrus bracelet, Bosquejo

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Crabs among dragonflies


Promise, this is the my last set of front-of-the-wall cameos. (Because it really is, for the next year, that is.) These pictures were taken after me barely recovering from almost a week of sleepless nights preparing for a bazaar for Bosquejo.


Now my hair has been shorn by the barber. We no longer have a lush garden in the apartment – still in the process of deciding which potted plants to bring and which to leave.


Delivered stone accessories this week, but it’s not yet time to put my feet up. There’s still my promised Hardware Lite and Sacre Lite collections to complete.


I never seem to get over and done with anything completely, which is partly good. You know: more things to do and to look forward to. Continuity.


Hope I get to complete my other summer tasks. I can only tell my magazines and books: soon, soon I will be able to devour you as well.


For work is not the only thing that keeps us alive. I need the meat of knowledge and wonder – which is not to say that reading doesn’t require effort.


My striped socks are fading. Need to get a new batch. At least I was already able to buy a few handkerchiefs from Divisoria (I want more, of course.)


Also renewed a magazine subscription, which saves me money. Just hate the fact that local customs require me to get them from the city’s post office. Needless to say, I’m always hungry for print and text. What I need to fuel my search for subtext and context.

Short-sleeved shirt, Diesel
Chinos, CottonOn
Belt, A.P.C.
Lace-ups, Dr Martens
Socks, Uniqlo
Irrorata bracelet, Bosquejo

Friday, April 24, 2015

Sky views


No, I’m not angry in this picture. Even in the shade, I squint at the sun. I was probably impatient with my photographer because, as usual, I was in a rush to run to the gym right before reporting for work.


These images were taken almost ten days ago, when I was still living in our family house closer to the ground.


Now I’m 18 floors above. You’re not the only one tired of street-level, front-of-gate or front-of-car cameos.


Thankfully, our apartment unit faces the morning sun. 


Hopefully, this view of the city will inspire me to dig into my notes and scrunch through revisions of my city poems.


Though I have the sneaking suspicion that for the next month or two, I’ll be looking for a nice shelf for the books and magazines that I brought. That and beating a contract deadline.


Hell, we’ll only be here for a year. Come April next year, house renovations should be done.


Still getting used to using the elevator several times a day just to get out and get to my room. Of course, the view more than compensates. Who knows, by the time we need to move out again I’ll be moving in to another view.

Batik shirt from Aldevinco, Davao
Trousers, Giordano
Belt from an Italian market
Shoes, Dr Martens
Japura bracelets, Bosquejo

Friday, April 17, 2015

Call of duty


True to form, I am cramming again. First this blog post while breakfast is cooking. Then packing tonight before the movers arrive tomorrow morning.


It’s been a hectic past two weeks. I have been a prisoner of duty and a casualty of a war that has not yet been decided.


Not much choice but to march on, of course. 


I must not forget how grateful I am for this diary-cum-blog for the brief respite.


A constant ballast, no matter how haphazard, to remind me of my priorities.


Oh, how I yearn for the day that I’ll be able to rest my feet while reading a book on an easy chair.


Without pressure to finish the pages even though I have already set the remaining year’s reading curriculum.


For while future victories beckon, memory is my unfinished battlefield.


T-shirt, Calvin Klein
Chinos, CottonOn
Belt, Izzue
Boots, Dirk Bikkembergs
Top Gun Army Necklace, Bosquejo

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Flaming gun


I remember at our school paper there was a column called The Gunslinger. I don’t really remember what kind of commentary the columnist dished out (political, campus-based, social, etc), or whether its criticism cut to the quick. I guess only the name and its suggestive imagery stuck.


I’m still told that someday somebody will stab me for my sharp tongue. Believe me, these days I rarely reveal my holster. You won’t even hear a click.


Even if there always seems to be smoke.


I don’t know what it is about my shoes or the way I walk, but I still manage to surprise people behind their backs.


Or from the front. 


I prefer things that way: peaceful and hushed.


Every real menace creeps in the night. Or only glints in the sun.


Five steps ahead, two reactions too late.


I have shed skins so often, you wouldn’t know what form I’ll take.

T-shirt and belt, Izzue
Jeans, Uniqlo
Trainers, Helmut Lang
Guns & Goons necklace, Bosquejo