Monday, July 28, 2014

A short story about my Tissot


So this is the simple steel watch I’ve been wearing since 1999 since I picked it out myself in Lucerne, Switzerland. (Though I've never really known what the model is called.)


Nothing fancy, though when I do manage to rake it in, I’m sure I’ll get myself a proper automatic. But even then I’ll be keeping this timepiece because I still love how it looks, still appreciate how it continues to serve me, and of course, for sentimental value.


Needless to say, we’ve been through a lot. We’ve been together longer than any of the romantic relationships I’ve been involved with. 

Leaping to life


So it’s Monday again, and I’m typing this at the office, right before work. How have you been? Notice the little rascals behind me in this picture?


Half of the time during my photoshoot yesterday, I wasn’t looking at the camera because cute little paws were tugging at my side and at the hanging straps of my backpack. Say hello Gin, Brandy’s offspring. He was playing all morning with his sister, Vodka (see previous pic).


It was fun to look at – and even join in – but as you can see, the kitten siblings could get exasperating.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

My apartment, part 1


I’ve been meaning to visit MY APT at LRI for a long time already. Actually, I wanted to drop by as soon as it opened. So why didn’t I? It wasn’t just because I didn’t want to be lost in the thick of the crowd, though I really didn’t – I wanted to explore the place and its wares, and if possible, with only me at the store. That way it would be easier to enjoy the craft behind the products and, of course, easier to take pictures of the interiors. What I was more afraid of – actually, what I dreaded – was that, first, besides lusting for most of the objects on sale (most of which I couldn’t afford) and dreaming of similar things in my own fictitious future pad, I was afraid of an impending and long overdue realization. Nay, epiphany.

You see, the idea of studying design (be it architecture, interiors, industrial/product development, and even for photography and jewelry) has gone through my mind many times already. What has stopped me is, of course, in practical terms, I have yet to save enough to enroll myself in classes. And with all the things I have already been juggling (even if not all profitable, but most personally rewarding), I didn’t even have the time – or I haven’t been wiling to devote time to really think things through. But anyway, more about that another time (hopefully soon). Back to MY APT, the brother lifestyle store of Heima, which is just next door at LRI. (I wrote about Heima, in Taglish, years ago on my blog for Benetton)

Why part 1? Because I arrived 10-15 minutes right before it was about to close yesterday. I haven’t been able to thoroughly explore all of its items and intend to go back for a second installment (after payday, of course). Moving on…


I love to read. Not just to look at pictures, but read novels, poetry, sometimes memoirs (just finished Grace Coddington’s!). Definitely well-written articles about not just fashion, menswear, and lifestyle, but almost anything under the sun that interests me (my Pocket, formerly Read It Later, backlog is piling up!). Mostly I’ve done my reading in bed, on a pile of pillows, while sipping coffee placed on one of the shelves beside me in my cluttered bedroom. I have long dreamed of finding a good leather and wooden chair, a proper one with side table and reading lamp (ottoman optional) for my readings. Easier to focus, as I disappear into another world. 

My dream chair would be something by Charles and Ray Eames (dreaming is the first step!). Perhaps the 670 Lounge Chair (1958) with ottoman or the blue 1957 Herman Miller plastic seat – anything that will keep me upright stylishly supported while I read. This blue fully-upholstered club chair with tufted leather will also do the job just right. Though I would skip the skulls on the tips of the armrest (the chair is available custom-made) – or have them in a different color – I love that the seat is in tanguile wood. Without an ottoman, a pillow in distressed fabric by MY APT would be a good replacement.


Aye, there’s the rub: “unique solutions for the modern gentleman’s dwelling”. If only MY APT new all my interiors-related problems!


I also love their Blake Wingback Chair. You know, the problem with getting one piece of furniture from one place you love is likewise yearning for their other pieces. Like Calvin’s Chest of Drawers, also in tanguile, shown beside the chair above. But I doubt it would hold all my shirts that don’t need to be hung. Not to mention my socks, handkerchiefs, and drawers (ie underwear).

Saturday, July 26, 2014

The rust of rhyme


We are awful creatures of habit – both for the good and for the worse. I for one, need to form better ones to get my life moving on towards whatever I have set as goals.


But the devil in me hates monotony and always yearns for drama. The truce should be to keep deviations and allowances for chance within a certain minimum – in order to prevent things, again and again, from getting out of hand. For me to fall into cliffs I can still climb up from.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Gray grannie


With my love of cardigans, cable knit, and pullovers, I might as well smoke a pipe and pile the vinyl on a turntable – though hipsters have taken over that area.


It doesn’t help that I have an old soul, snap on people with my opinions, and in this case, wear a shawl like a cape.