Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Back to work


Had to drag myself out of bed – not to mention snooze my alarm several times – just to get things going this morning. That’s what you get after more than a week’s leave off work (though I did report to the office this Sunday).


These pictures were from last Friday, the day I turned 33. This December seems to be the dreariest the past few years, what with the rains and the uncertain weather. But I must admit that it certainly has been the happiest.


This is how the Elizabeth brogues look like without the detachable flaps.


The days seem shorter as nights arrive earlier.


Already I have trips planned in 2015, but I want to savor the remaining time left in what has been quite an eventful year.


No, I don’t do Christmas countdowns because I’m quite the Scrooge.


Neither do I do years in review. I’d rather recall moments.


Sometimes a few minutes stretch longer than a decade.

Jacket and belt, Izzue
Supima cotton t-shirt, Uniqlo
Jeans, Neil Barrett
Brogues, Dr Martens

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Everything is better with bacon


Fading in and fading out are themes I’ve written about many times on these pages. And rust and decay. Whatever registers visually I try to eke out meaning from.


But for this post, the theme cannot be stated more simply than how my statement t-shirt says it: “everything is better with bacon”.


The salt of life is the bacon in burgers – and pretty much every other dish. Started reading the Fall/Winter 2014 Fantastic Man issue’s recommendations, which point out the virtues of ginger. Hmmm.


As you can see from my tummy, I am not one to skip out on unhealthy but oh-so-delicious food. Even if I endlessly torment myself at the gym, I won’t pass on grease or cholesterol just because people say both are bad for you.


There are bigger hypocrisies. But this is not the place to point them out.


For example, I will not try to explain my mistrust of vegetarians or say why I am wary of dealing with people who say they try to avoid gluten (in so far as they understand “gluten”).


In other news, I celebrated my birthday yesterday. Dinner included lamb, duck, and fish.


I won’t say I’m any wiser for it. Though I do know a fair bit more than before. Even if that knowledge was already suspected even before experienced.


Though yes, I have my way of attracting problems – nay, challenges. Life is richer because of them. The same way, I guess, blood is thicker because of cholesterol.

T-shirt, Guilty from People are People
Jeans, Bench
Slip-ons, Dr Martens

Thursday, December 11, 2014

The right fit


This is what I wore yesterday to go out, even if I didn’t have to report to work (on leave the entire week). This is the second Uniqlo +J shirt I’ve worn (first one here: Into the light) and am pretty much still in love with the high-quality fabric (120 thread count Egyptian cotton – Uniqlo’s labor practices are another matter, though) and fit.


Also broke in these Dr Martens Elizabeth brogues with detachable flaps, which I’ve been eyeing for months now at a local store (found them on sale at about half the original price). The pair came with a Made in England tag, which brought my attention to details in Dr Martens' company history, outsourcing structure, and the implications of competition and globalization.


Still have a slight (huge for fitness fanatics) paunch I need to work on. Fastfood, potato chips, cookies, sweets, and Christmas bingeing be damned! (At least I can still breathe in the size small shirt!)


The Elizabeth brogues are actually for women, but I don’t mind. I love the triple tongue detachable flaps! (Will post pictures of how the pair looks like as a normal brogue by and by).


My quads are getting bigger because of regular visits to the gym and because of my insistence on increasing the weight for leg presses and squats. Before long, I may need to look for more tapered pairs – or conversely work more on my lower legs (which may make me look more squat).


I took the week off to attend to overdue matters at home – fix my bedroom (shelves for books and spring cleaning for clothes) and my workplace (for accessory designing and making). But more importantly, I need to write out a personal curriculum. Or how I plan to go about reading and researching through all the books that I have amassed over the years. Reread and revise the poems I have written. Yes, it seems that work never ends.


Don’t laugh, but I also have these Bench jeans in black, which got distressed (read: ripped) in an unfortunate place. I won’t say where, but I blame my leg days at the gym. Come to think of it, Muji has sweats-like trousers (slacks cum pajamas) that I must try out.


Fortunately, I have already crossed out many items on this week’s obsessive-compulsive To Do list – enough, at least, to not drive me to depression due to my inefficiency. Tomorrow, though, I plan to devote mostly to things that I cannot rush or hurry: reading (Mondiano’s Nobel lecture is already out, in case you are interested) and writing. 

Does literature make me happiest? I have no immediate answer for that. Some things cannot be resolved by reason – only written out.

Shirt, +J by Uniqlo
Jeans, Bench
Belt, Izzue
Brogues, Dr Martens

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Hope blooms


I am a creature of hope. No matter how cynical or negative I may sound, it is always based on a realistic and optimistic view of things. Clear-sighted and free of sentiment.


I will never tire saying that true optimists have to be realists first. Call it whatever you like. Sometimes it can be considered calculated faith.

Happy hump day!

Polo shirt and jeans, Uniqlo
Jacket, Uniqlo, thrifted
Belt from an Italian market
Boots, Dr Martens, thrifted

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Looking up


It would be crass to say that we expected worse from a calamity that just passed. After all 21 people died because of the typhoon.


Am sure sure many in Manila can’t wait for the stores in the malls to reopen. Business as usual. I for one need to get back to errands that were postponed.


Need to get a haircut. Need to buy things. Need to fix, organize. Need to create.


Need to face nimbus nights.

Camouflage cardigan, Take Five
T-shirt, Uniqlo
Jeans, Bench
Boots, Dirk Bikkembergs
Belt, Izzue