Friday, July 25, 2014

Gray grannie


With my love of cardigans, cable knit, and pullovers, I might as well smoke a pipe and pile the vinyl on a turntable – though hipsters have take over that area.


It doesn’t help that I have an old soul, snap on people with my opinions, and in this case, wear a shawl like a cape.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Against the grain


I woke up yesterday morning with the sky in a very foul mood, so I only had a few minutes to takes these somewhat dark shots. Good thing I woke up early enough.


I love my new pullover from Folded & Hung which has extra wide ribbing on the sleeves and hem, and surprisingly, also at the shoulders as well.


I wore sandals with my outfit but replaced them with my old pair of Campers, which I cleaned, moisturized, and buffed with all my shoes last weekend.

Alliance Mechanical by Victorinox: the automatic watch of stylish elegance


As I was looking for the name of the Swiss Army knife my father gave me as a child (it was a “Tourist”), I browsed through the Victorinox website and found myself in the timepieces section. My last memory of Victorinox watches was the Original Chronograph with a fabric strap, so I was pleasantly surprised at the range of timepieces it currently offers and instantly fell in love with one particular model: the Alliance Mechanical.


The watch comes in four versions, its dial available in dark gray and eggshell and its strap either of ecologically-tanned black leather or polished and satined steel. My first impulse, no different from looking at clothes and looks from a designer’s runway show at fashion week, was to pick the one that was my favorite ­– thinking that the first one I saw with a gray dial and black leather strap (above) was easily the most beautiful and elegant. But then I looked at the other three and was stumped. Images of what I would wear with each went through my mind: from a white crisp shirt and jeans to a tailored suit for more formal occasions like a wedding. Looking at each piece longer, each version had its own particular appeal.

Sweating it out – in cashmere


Don’t you just love this shade of red orange (international orange?) on Acne’s Spring/Summer 2014 peele cashmere blend (70% cotton) sweaterThe way it is cropped with a loose crew neck, and the way the fabric reminds you of your old knits with those unavoidable knots that you just had to shave off?


If the Philippines were a temperate country, I would always opt for turtle necks, like this Marni light wool and cashmere blend long-sleeved number from its 2014 Fall/Winter collection with ribbed hem and cuffs?


The color being fiery red, which stares at you and burns a deep impression. Like the similary-colored leaves that fall suicidally from trees come the beginning of the season.


This long-sleeved crew neck sweater in 100% cashmere also by Marni and this time in orange is less stuffy.


Of course, I’d prefer mine oversized with sleeves that can hide my fidgety hands.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Doggone days


It’s sweater weather again. Though here in Manila that means only certain parts of the day when it’s raining (and not always, especially when it’s humid – and that’s often) and when it’s windy.


The best days, of course, are those with friendly breezes and with the sun slightly drowsy.