Friday, February 27, 2015

Ivory and cream


So it’s Friday again, but to me it feels mid-week. Been a while since I wore this baggy drawstring pair. The extra room, together with the pleasantly neutral color of yesterday’s outfit, helps me relax and breathe.


When things fall into place – not unlike a string of planets or beads on a bracelet – I get a feeling of relief.


Which, fortunately or unfortunately, is short-lived. 


It just means that I have to hold on to my seat because now I really have to finish everything that I have set out to do, on schedule.


It’s a miracle that my hair doesn’t all turn white or fall off with all the stress I impose on myself – though I do have an embarrassing bald spot the size of a coin.


Oh well, the alopecia will relent. No sense in stressing myself more. Time to apply oil or cream on my scalp. Let things sit. Maybe cut on the coffee and be less of a perfectionist.

Shirt, Crocodile
Jacket, Uniqlo
Pants, Marks & Spencer
Leather sneakers, Fred Perry
Lamesa bracelet, Bosquejo

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Leaving things to chance


Remember those social media posts claiming that years like 2015 with the month of May having five Fridays, five Saturdays, and five Sundays occur only once in every 823 years? Well, I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who received the “news” with skepticism.


I’ve never put stock in anything superstitious. Never liked doing things just for the sake of “it won’t hurt doing them”. 


If anything, I’m a slave to logic and analysis – to a fault. 


I’ve been called cold, insensitive, and callous.


But for those like me who are trying to run a business, I prefer to think and act – even if that requires lots of trial and error.


What I am trying to say, outfit-wise is that denim is my go-to workwear. No, I’ve grown tired relying on all-black looks to furnish me with my armor. Though frankly speaking I’m still looking for that signature ensemble that will be more or less my uniform: what will make it easier to dress every morning, while weighing or going though the work at hand in my mind.


1. Yes, I don’t like wearing socks, even if I should since I walk a lot. 

2. I also always need a jacket, cardigan, or pullover since I almost always feel cold at the office.

3. I prefer loafers and lace-ups with rubber soles. Boots and sandals come at a close second. Third are leather sneakers. I may well have to strike off trainers from my list.

4. I think I need more denim, Oxford shirts, chinos, and leather belts to straighten up or tighten overall looks.

5. Hats don’t suit me.

6. I need big bags. Just one. Or two, including an on-hand tote.

Another list-as-excuse for another shopping spree? More "essentials"? May well be.


But to end, I must say that to balance all my precision, I need to close my eyes and venture out into the unknown. Need to feel through things to determine what feels right – and not just when I am reading and writing poetry. All that manic organization to keep my instinct in check. Or rather, to make sure that something useful results from it.

Denim jacket, Cyber Jeans, thrifted
Shirt, + J by Uniqlo
Jeans, Cheap Monday
Loafers, Cole Haan
Belt, Izzue
Bendita Blue Stone Bracelet, Bosquejo

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Red streaks and green magic


Frankly speaking, I would rather sleep than proceed with today. Been up since three in the morning taking pics, editing, writing copy, and uploading a new product over at Zalora Marketplace and on the Bosquejo catalogue page.


Good thing I was still able to have breakfast with the boyfie and snuggle while watching a movie. I think there’s still a red streak across one of my eyes. (Not in these pics, which were taken yesterday.)


Truth be told, JV was the one to test drive/dry run the first version of this Elphaba malachite, tiger’s eye, and emerald quartz bracelet – among many other pieces.


Not that I’m complaining. This pace is just perfect for me.


Nothing like consecutive, seasonless releases, which is also the way I treat my reading and writing. (I just hope I haven't underestimated lead times.)


Otherwise I’d go nuts, but don’t worry I’m not vain enough to put my head inside an oven, even if many times it feels just as hot.

Pullover, Folded & Hung
Jeans, Levi’s
Penny loafers, Bass Weejuns
Belt, A.P.C.
Elphaba bracelet, Bosquejo

Monday, February 16, 2015

Liminal lunar year


I still can’t believe the second month of the year is half over – at least according to the Roman calendar. Despite the negative predictions of feng shui masters, this year has been pretty good thus far for me.


Though I have elephants on my Michael Bastian for Uniqlo polo shirt, I was born on the year of the rooster, or cock, if you want to sound cocky. I suppose that’s why misfortune has been predicted for me: I am wary of the stubborn goat, or sheep, if you prefer something more wooly. 


Though I think I can claim to be persevering and hardworking, I do tend to rely on my gut and instinct – even if I take it for granted every now and then – which is why I can be indecisive.


Of course, I prefer to call myself calculating, with the indecision only a result of my preference for thinking things through before making a decision.


Mind you, I can think five, or even ten steps, ahead. Though my impulsiveness remains my greatest failing. (Yes, I am aware of my own contradictions, but will never apologize for them.)


It takes supreme effort to keep calm and master equanimity. As it were, like finding worms in the earth.


But I see through things. You can say through the dark.


Though metal is my element, it is forged sharp by the sun.

Polo shirt, Uniqlo x Michael Bastian
Shorts, Workshop
Fabric belt, Bossini
Dock shoes, Sebago
Cashmere cardigan (tied around waist), +J by Uniqlo
Avatar Lapis Lazuli Bracelet, Bosquejo

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Blue is the warmest color


Well, what do you know, a Valentine’s Day post! But I’m not wearing anything red – or any shade of grey for that matter.


Story is this pair of bracelets I made yesterday morning and wearing in these cameos are no longer with me. Hope the two love birds are enjoying their matching blue beads!


As for me, I am rushing this post so I can have breakfast with the boyfie.


Still blurred and hazy from sleep.


Crazy in love? If only there is an institution that would admit me.


If you’re wondering what these pallets are for, well they’re for furniture. We’re finally moving out so workers can renovate the house!


Lots of updates to reveal, but in their own time.


Hey, where are the Bangkok pics? The long over due blog posts?


Hold your horses! Or in this case, your elbows.


While the sky hasn’t opened yet on this blighted, love-struck day, let me be the first to greet you and your most precious.


And no, not talking about bags, or shoes, or even bracelets.


No matter how things can be cherished, we all know people move the world. And love can move mountains!

Denim jacket, Rick Owens Darkshadow
Jeans, Uniqlo
Sneakers, Jil Sander
Polo shirt, Piazza Italia
Bendita bracelet, Bosquejo