Saturday, November 1, 2014

Weapon of your choice


Hello there, stranger. It's been a while. In my absence, my Macbook Pro broke down so I've been working between my sister's HP, my mom's Macbook Air, my iPhone 5S, and (shush, nobody knows it) my office desktop Mac (lol, I doubt it). 

I've been able to edit pictures taken in mid-September and put them up on Zalora Marketplace. Do drop by and check out the stainless steel necklaces I've made available for my Bosquejo accessories line. You can also visit ac+632 at Greenbelt 5 so you can see them in person (the pistol pendant above is only available at ac+632).

Pullover, thrifted
Ikat print t-shirt underneath, Dries Van Noten
Jeans, Uniqlo
Belt, Structure, thrifted
Novice Sheriff Steel Necklace, Bosquejo


The necklace above, which has an engraved design, I've named Guns & Goons (also only available at ac+632).

Denim jacket, Rick Owens Drkshdw


My apologies if I can't be my usual effusive self. (Am now using my phone's 3G signal as hotspot and God knows how unreliable Globe is.) You can purchase the necklace above (named Featherlight) via Zalora Marketplace. Will also be bringing a few pieces to ac+632 later today or tomorrow.

I've tried my best to make the photos I've posted with me wearing my necklaces as marketable as possible on my first online e-commerce venture. But alas, the Bosquejo section at Zalora looks no different from this blog (ie you can't really see the necklaces that clearly, I really can't compete with gorgeous flawless people, and the images appear at best under-edited and haphazardly taken). But that's me, and at this point that's the best I can do with the ammunition currently at my disposal.

Will be posting more shoot outtakes (or rejects, like the one above) soon. But now it's time for lunch.

Raglan t-shirt, Uniqlo
Jeans, Bench
Belt from an Italian market
Featherlight Feather Necklace, Bosquejo

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Red alert


The pictures I posted yesterday were taken during the second week of September, right before a storm was about to hit landfall in Manila. Now these cameos were taken just yesterday, with me fresh from a much needed haircut (not that – at least I am told – the way I look changes much).


Two and a half months left in the year, and I can say that I have made predictions on my luck self-fulfilling. 


I wouldn’t say 2014 has been bad (I still maintain that I am inexplicably lucky when it comes to many things), rather: it has been full of many drastic changes.


As I look back (nope, not at all sentimental about it), I can see that it’s time to clear and organize not just the things I have accumulated, but also the experiences I have gone through. Literally, with shelves, and figuratively by making sense out of “stuff”.


Yes, I’m the type of person who knows exactly where things are in my bodega of a room, but lately I’ve needed more air to circulate and light to shine through.


Little by little, the signs of wars fought are becoming less evident. Will need the clearing to build whatever it is I must build brick by brick.

Polo shirt, Collezione C2
Skinny chinos, Bench
Belt, Izzue
Leather sneakers, Fred Perry
Hoodie, Uniqlo

Friday, October 17, 2014

The death of me


I must have mentioned somewhere sometime in August that I would be selling my Bosquejo accessories on my own Zalora Marketplace boutique. Well, after a long delay, I have just uploaded pictures for the first piece, which I am wearing in these cameos.


Say hello to Yorick, which I named after the skull in Shakespeare’s play Hamlet.


Seems apt that the first necklace I put up is skeletal, since Halloween is arriving soon. (I love how the wind sweeps my forever unkempt hair in this picture.)


Took me forever to start posting products on the Zalora Marketplace because I had to, apart from editing pictures for my Bosquejo website, come up with interesting captions.


Below is what I wrote for the Yorick Steel Skull Necklace:

A fellow of infinite jest, of most excellent fancy: death. We may not have known Yorick as well as Hamlet did, but our fascination with mortality is as universal as Shakespeare’s lines. Wear the Yorick Steel Skull Necklace on black, if you like. It goes well against any color and on every pattern. Keep it close to your heart as a reminder of life.


Hopefully the people at Zalora will approve the format and the text today (crossing my fingers), so I could see how my page would look like and then proceed to upload several more necklaces (am reissuing old favorites and introducing a lot of simple stainless steel pieces, which I can't wait to show you).

For once, I can say that I delivered on my word. Feels good to actually finish something, so I can slash it out from my rather lengthy To Do list. You know, the one I plan to finish before I join Yorick.

Happy Friday, dear readers!

Micro-checkered shirt, Ben Sherman
Jeans, Uniqlo
Belt from an Italian market
Tasseled slip-ons, Dr Martens
Yorick Steel Skull Necklace, Bosquejo

Photos by Jullian Medoza

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Burgundy with a V


So I bought this burgundy V-neck tee last Thursday and couldn’t wait to wear it after washing. These pics were from last Saturday morning.


Was supposed to buy the bottle green stretch slim-tapered jeans, which were on sale, but then they looked different (were of a different hue) in the stores. 


Instead of going home crestfallen, I looked around and found Supima cotton tees, which were on sale as well (only P290 each). 

Supima is a portmanteau for Superior Pima, a fabric of high thread count produced in the US. I love how they feel on the skin. Needless to say, I was more than happy to go home with tees instead of jeans.

V-neck t-shirt, Uniqlo
Jeans, Cheap Monday
Skinny leather belt, A.P.C.
Boots, Dirk Bikkembergs

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

On sale: Uniqlo stretch slim-fit tapered jeans + shorts


Ever since I accidentaly stumbled upon Michael Bastian's on-sale collection for Uniqlo at the Japanese label's branch at Megamall Fashion Hall, I have made it a point to pass by any Uniqlo branch whenever I do visit malls or department complexes. I was expecting to be surprised each time what Uniqlo's weekly sale had on offer. Then a colleague mentioned to me that you can sign up for email blasts (called Uniqlo News).

That is why I am posting this now, half-overrun with excitement. You see, I just received the promo alert above. Thank me once you've fitted their comfortable and durable (not to mention bang-for-your-buck) pairs. Meet you at the nearest Uniqlo counter tomorrow. (The jeans are only on sale till Thursday, October 9.) Lord forgive me for busting my salary yet again.


Also on sale (from P590-P790) are shorts with floral and camo prints. (Shall it be hibiscus red or blue camouflage?)


Not to mention denim and checkered. Got to hand it to Uniqlo for smart marketing. Thanks in advance for the additional discount! Hehe.