Saturday, March 28, 2015

Dust on navy, hardy as brogues


Finally, something recent. If I remember correctly, these pictures were taken this week – yes, I honestly can’t recall exactly when I wore this outfit.


In any case, my hair is shorter now after a visit to my stylist (so I suppose before Wednesday).

Sorry for the paunch, which I still can't hide. But I'm happy I am slowly filling out this breath-shy shirt. More shirt ideas here.


I haven’t really told anyone, but these brogues are actually for women (the shoe model is called “Elizabeth”, Made in England). Don’t really care. Once I wore them (the detachable triple-tongues detached here), I instantly fell in love. Patiently waited a few months till they were sold at a significant discount. My toes and heels still smart when I walk in them over my usual distance. Hopefully, they’ll relent soon, just as my other pairs of Dr Martens.


Finally finished these bracelets this week as well. They were commissioned by my cousin. I’ve always wanted to create a black monochromatic piece, but thought to postpone it till after summer. As with many of my other designs for Bosquejo, demand trumps planning. 

Named the black bracelet Erebor, an obvious reference. And also because I was re-watching The Hobbit this week.


Again, it’s Saturday as I write this. And the busy week is covered in dust. Or haze.


Sometimes I forget to mind the dirt.


March on, remaining days of March!


Hopefully, I’ll finish all the pieces I intend to sell this summer. For those interested, the stones you see are onyx, smoky quartz, hematite, and yes, lava.


Shirt, +J by Uniqlo
Jeans, Uniqlo
Belt, A.P.C.
Brogues, Dr Martens
Socks, Uniqlo
Erebor bracelets, Bosquejo


Lacey and laced up, but definitely not lazy enough to let this post drag on.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Spineless and yellow


Nothing beats being called a coward. Yeah, you heard me right. I may be brave when it comes to certain things, but for the things that really matter, I take my sweet time. Amelie and her “strategems” come to mind.


This time, I won’t reason out of the admission: promise I won’t get mad if you call me yellow-bellied. Excuses and alibis are my pitfalls.


I stumble over my over-thinking. Hurt myself through my armor.


My sights set too high, I risk the worst possible failure.


But don’t expect me to suddenly wear a badge that reads YOLO. I may be fickle, but I’m not stupid.


Impatient, that much is evident. 


It’s easy to say that I don’t regret anything. (What else can one say, after the fact?) Through all my neuroses, I struggle with hope and faith that I hazard to call not unfounded and more than reasonable.

Double-collar polo shirt, Fred Perry
Yellow chinos, Bershka
Belt, A.P.C.
Boots, Dr Martens, thrifted
Delgaditta bracelets, Bosquejo

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Stay hungry


It’s easy to get distracted and keep busy. Before you know it decades have gone by. Your dreams have faded. As you face the mirror you remember your younger self indignant that you will never come to this point when you are forced to admit that this is as good as it will ever get.


Funny, I’m sure I’m not the only one to fool himself into thinking that he could spend his way to salvation. That, rid of the alleged evil and excess of material concerns, the flight of the spirit comes automatic.


Luckily, I rarely delude myself with such false, pursed-lip satisfaction.


Oh, but to be content. What does it mean, to be happy?


I still maintain that happiness is a byproduct of other things, not a goal. We are lucky who have the luxury to look back and savor things that have passed. Free of illusion.


Others say it is a curse: the inability to keep on moving forward. Change, constant innovation, the quest for the ever-new. I say poor driverless train, poor passengers who do not know that tracks end right at the mouth of the cliff.

Pullover, Gap
Shirt, Uniqlo +J
Trousers, Uniqlo
Boots, Dr Martens, thrifted
Belt from an Italian market
Panterella bracelet, Bosquejo

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Casual transitions


These pictures must have been taken two weeks ago. Really don’t remember when exactly – except maybe that it was before a brief rainy interruption to Manila’s tropical summer.

Feeling the warmer season, I really wanted to wear this deep-collar kurta shirt. Of course, I changed before I left for work. Blame my fear of office airconditioning, personal PR, and the industry my day job belongs to.


Switch two letters in “casual” and you get “causal”. Nifty word play to drop while discussing transitional clothing. 


Personally, and in my ever-neurotic and cerebral perspective, this is my way of bundling and tying grain while removing chaff. Yes, as usual, the confluence of events in my life have put me on edge – just a moment’s loss of focus will cause my hut of straw to fall apart and be blown away with the huffing and puffing of the wind.


Taking the conversation back to fashion, as I’ve said earlier on my denim post, it’s really time for me to shop again for sturdy jeans (raw or slightly washed), preferably in dark indigo and not sky blue or lapis. Once I’m done with that, then maybe I can move on to stiff Oxfords. Then what I have on my list are leather items and other basics such as thick socks. Only then can I return to the happiness that is shopping for designer articles. Hopefully my other endeavors and budget allowing. I'm not in a hurry.

Jacket, Muji
Jeans, Bench
Kurta, Zara
Shoes, Sebago
Avatar Bracelet, Bosquejo 

Friday, March 13, 2015

Le Shark attack


Classic 90's menswear brand Le Shark is back with a vengeance.


Love the boyish teddy boy detailing and patterns. Here are just three looks from their Spring Summer 2015 lookbook that I especially like. You know me, fitted sleeves and knits have always been my thing.

Shop Le Shark on Tokyo Laundry.