Saturday, July 26, 2008

On the edge of words: Maggie Cheung

Emotions brim without spilling; certain, but rarely divulging anything.

In the Mood for Love

Mood, definitely, there is much of in the movie, and love is even thicker than the damp rainy nights that test the protagonists’ resolve. The movie is about unrequited love, but not about anything shy or feeble, but about the intensity of emotions wrung tight by cramped rooms and dark corridors, the lack of expression and privacy, and the loneliness of cigarette smoke.

In the Mood for Love shows the love between a man and a woman not more in words but in the vividness of color and design of exquisite qui pao dresses, the contrast of streetlamps and empty roads, the directness of simple conversation, and the despair engraved in the couple’s faces.

Love is the theme and love is the plot, even if it is barely whispered and gazed at only obliquely. By only suggesting its theme, the movie says much about it. By dwelling and probing love’s indecision and unexpressed passion, the movie hinges you to it. It reveals things about you that only you know, since even the emotions of the characters are kept private.

There is loss, there is despair and regret, but after all of it, there is longing. Still intense, but failing, no different from the faded music that plays across like a secondary theme.

Maggie Cheung appears in WestEast Magazine #15: Hong Kong, 2005 on the cover and in numerous editorials, the one below dressed in Balenciaga as styled by Nicolas Ghesquière. She also appears through the eyes of Sarah Moon and Alber Elbaz for Lanvin.

She has been photographed by Scott Schuman in Shanghai and by dans Paris (now Garance Doré), and reappears in WestEast Magazine #24: GlobalizAsian, 2008.

Maggie Cheung speaks three languages in Clean, the movie that wins her the Palm d'Or for Best Actress. She sings.

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lowfi said...

Maggie Cheung is more than a versatile actor. She is of style sense and is into music and design.

Anonymous said...

Maggie Cheung appears in the latest German magazine Qvest. Could u scan and upload the spreads?
She is in gareth pugh's design.