Monday, August 25, 2008

Jil Sander marble + rust-patterned jeans

Another image of urban decay. I saw this the other day while on the road, so I rolled down the window and took a picture. What caught my fancy was the contrast of rust against the splotchy blue paint. Inspect upon closer detail:

This reminded me of another mottled pattern:

I encounter this every day at work, at the lobby of a building, near the elevators:

The pattern is electric.

I thought of Jil Sander FW 08 not because the rust pattern looked anything like it, but because I began conjuring in my mind outfit possibilities:

Many were put off by the appearance of the marbling on every clothing article. But what better way to make a statement? Leave the mix-and-matching to the magazine editorials.

And this blog. The marbled pattern looks most darling on a hooded jacket paired with rust-rugged, splotchy jeans:

Images from and Oki-Ni

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sosuemethen said...

Reminds me of Balenciaga Fall '07 paint splatters.