Sunday, August 3, 2008

No black and white: Dark Knight

The excitement of anarchy, the fairness of chance, the lack of certainty, the unruliness of the mob, creating your own chances: so many ideas packed in one movie, but I don't agree with those that say Batman: The Dark Knight is too wordy for its own good.

What Gotham thinks it needs is a hero, a white knight, and it needs Batman as its vigilante scapegoat. It doesn't need the caped crusader as a hero, but a villain to show it its evils. He will always be an outsider, just like the Joker. The city wants but does not need a polished and unblemished celebrity it can watch and eavesdrop on. The vision of a better reality through the life of one person is unnecessary. Hope is caked, soiled, and dirty.

The fairness of chance: that really hit me when the Joker said it, I think when he was about to kill somebody. Nature seethes with chances: it improves, develops, and evolves by killing off weaker species and providing room for the strong to develop. It is ruled by chance; everything is gratuitous. But you may say this cruelty cannot be pardoned by human beings, who must have their laws and governments, their order. Funny, when in "free" market economies, those who really slug it out are underground thugs and the legal political "mafia" backed by powerful financiers - both camps controlling their own side of the police. Given that, what is democracy really? What is fair, what is just?

Those who abide by the rules can freely imagine themselves in civilized society, with their philistine, status quo trappings, while those that do not, find themselves lonely and alone. Is it merely existentialism that drives these visionaries to change the world? A primal need? A permanent distraction? A personal responsibility? To transform it requires an equal measure of madness: an anarchy of ideas.


On a lighter note, the moment I saw Alfred's half-moon glasses, I knew something was going on in the costumes and wardrobe department. Too bad, I couldn't find an image of those specs, but the faithful butler finds company with two other pairs:

I want the Joker's custom-made shirt with a hexagonal pattern:

And socks!

I was suprised to find the socks available on ebay. The second pair, a Mondrian variation, is available here.

I found the shirt pattern too. There's a "costuming forum", the likes I never knew existed, called The Dented Helmet. Me thinks the pattern is good not just for shirts; in micro-pattern, maybe also for pants. Just don't wear them on Halloween, please.

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