Sunday, August 31, 2008

Richie Tenenbaum: sporty preppy

It's been years since I've reread any of my J.D. Salinger books. Now they're all yellow and moisture stained.

Though the Tenenbaums never quite got the quirks of the Glass family, at least their clothes added to our collective literary imagination.

Richie Tenenbaum's eccentric look reminds me of some outfits from Z Zegna's 2008 Spring/Summer collection.

Though Z Zegna's clothes may be more sophisticated than cerebral, like Richie Tenenbaum, they rely on certain items, mostly jackets, to rein in frivolity.

This unlikely mix of sporty and preppy, dandy and athletic is what makes this look eccentric, show personality.

I'd love to style a shoot on an evolved version of this look.

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