Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Sneak peak

Sneak peak
By Miguel Paolo Celestial
Published in The Philippine Star, 15 August 2008

You wake up in the morning, already late for work. You have to have breakfast and take a shower. The last thing on your mind is how to look spiffy at work. You've been meaning to collect yourself: combine that aloof coolness while remaining comfortable, smart yet at ease, edgy yet with a hint of your inner dandy. You want to impress, always bring your best self. Yet while all this goes through your head, you recrumple your pillow and swear it all to hell.

Low Runner with Velcro closure, Maison Martin Margiela + Hayworth Midcut II, Y-3. Both from Homme et Femme

Tennis III, Y-3 + Replica Midcut with velcro closure, Maison Martin Margiela. Both from Homme et Femme

Honja Low Face, Y-3 at Homme et Femme

Almost every day, you end up wearing the same blue or stripe polo shirt (in every conceivable shade and combination), khaki or navy pants, and black or brown leather shoes (lace-ups or slip-ons), even if your dress code is smart casual. If you do don sneakers, like your shirts, they will only come in one color but in a multiplicity of tones: white. They also tend to be all Chuck Taylors.

Nylite, Acne/Tretorn + Navy blue sports shoes, Jil Sander. Both from Homme et Femme

Left side, top to bottom: Grant 2, Swear + Fantasy Cotu, Superga + Grant 4, Swear. All from Theodore’s. Right side: Converse Jack Purcell at Shoe Salon

Gone are the days of cutting corners. It seems you have forgotten ever using Cliff’s Notes for literature class. Even if you can get away with it, you do not dare cheat through your wardrobe. But take heart, the easiest way to lose your boredom over dressing is to rehash your concept of the most potent part of your outfit: your shoes.

From left: Firefox, Gola at SM Department Stores + Ceyexpe Silver, Vans at SM Department Stores + St. George by Duffer, Mark side lace canvas at Debenhams

Navy, Umbro at Royal Sporting House

With all the permutations in designer collaborations, not only from fashion but also from other fields, shoe design has integrated work wear with sports, preppy with the flamboyant 80s, couture and high street, comic with classic. So much so that sneakers and rubber shoes have already infiltrated the work place, are almost unrecognizable from their formal counterparts. With all the choices available, now is the perfect time for deviants to bring out their hidden rebels, while still keeping them under tailored hems. Even on Fridays and weekends, consistent rebels only wear funky sneakers that maintain the same personality and sophistication.

New Castle, Zoo York at Royal Sporting House and Stoked, Inc.

Puma XR Runners + Puma RS-100 Thai. Where Puma is sold

Lowcut sneakers, Pony Manhattan. Where Pony is sold

Nike Air Max Supreme at Shoe Salon

So back to bed and a sartorial twist to the chicken and egg question: will your outfit be led by the shoes you choose to wear or by your clothes? Start transforming your wardrobe from the ground up. Maybe it’s time your shoes quit playing second fiddle.

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