Monday, September 1, 2008

The perils of styling without samples

I am not certain whether it's funny or tragic that necessary advice only comes after the fact. These are the gray suede Opening Ceremony shoes I used for one of my 'Dandy does it' looks.

It was only right before the shoot, setting up at location, did I learn what the masking tape I was told to bring was for: to allegedly protect soles. And they did, at least for the rubber ones.

Two pairs that had wooden (or was it some type of rubber) soles were left damaged once the tape was removed; the gloss came with the adhesive. Hence the lines on the sole shown above.

They retailed for PhP9,250 (US$200) and were sold to me at a 20% discount (PhP7,400, US$160). Sad thing was they didn't fit me (size 34 or size 10). If anyone is interested in the pair, I'll reduce the price again by 40% (down to PhP4,440, US$95). Nothing to beat that.

Shoot pictures came in already. Four out of five are superb. Maybe they'll see print next week. I'll post them then.

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