Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Nothing but natural

There is always something sensual about fur.

The way it warms and clothes the body like second skin.

How such luxurious personal comfort elicits both protest and jealousy.

Just like the baring of skin.

These editorials are interesting because they simultaneously depict nakedness and the warmest of clothing.

Fur in all its unabashed, primal glory.

Images from AnOther Man, 2008-2009 Fall/Winter and Vogue Hommes International Paris 2007-2008 Fall/Winter

Saturday, December 13, 2008

The mongrel Maison

AnOther Man, in its 2008 Fall/Winter issue, publishes its serialised interview with the fashion house composed of 20 questions sent via email on 20 consecutive days, in commemoration of the maison's 20th anniversary

Wednesday, June 4
AnOther Man: What did you all have for breakfast this morning?
Maison Martin Margiela: Coffeeteahotchocolatecroissantpainauchocolatspecialkorangejuiceapplejuicegrapejuicejambreadbaguettekiwibananaapplesaucekrisprollshoney.

Monday, June 9
AnOther Man: What is your favourite joke?
Maison Martin Margiela: Life.

Thursday, June 26
AnOther Man: If Maison Martin Margiela was a dog, which breed would it be?
Maison Margin Margiela: We would have no breed, we would be a crappy mongrel with a stupid name like Roxy or Momo.

Friday, June 27
AnOther Man: How do you feel about answering one question per day throughout the past month?
Maison Martin Margiela: Let's just say we are glad it's not a 50 years anniversary...

Images from Maison Martin Margiela

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Leather articles by an artisan

Got this messenger and notebook from 798 or Dashanzi Art District in Beijing. We stopped by one of the streets and approached what we thought were sellers of vintage items displaying their goods. The man I bought these from even showed me the paper he uses for the notebook.

I like the feel of the leather, which I think is suede. Whenever I'm about to write something, just touching the grain encourages me to put down what I feel. I initially had apprehensions about the engraved design, but it reminds me of haikus.

I like the way the flap of the leather bag was cut so nonchalantly. The bag can also be used as a portfolio once the strap is detatched.

What I like most about the two items is that they feel personal. Because the maker put much care in making them - putting the little details and not scrimping on material - I get the feeling that they were somehow made for me, and that they'll stay with me for quite some time.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Fashion exhibits at a Beijing art district

Alexander McQueen at an I.T exhibition at 798 or Dashanzi Art District in Beijing. 798 is composed of decomissioned military factory buildings, of which industrial interiors have been maintaned, like the meat packing factories in New York.

The exposed industrial mechanisms taken together with the disco lights give the place a strange feel. Something tingling.

I think the intention may have been to give life to the clothes, make them jump and dance with their mannequins.

Kenzo, which deserves a second look

Damir Doma, who I only heard of now, but whose latest (Spring/Summer 2009) collections are highly intriguing:

This show by I.T is much better than the Christian Dior & Chinese Artists exhibit, also in 798, which attempts to put together Dior dresses and works by contemporary Chinese artists. Though there are impressive installations that join both media, like the one below, most prove disappointing.

The installation above contains two rows of screens facing each other, with one side depicting original Dior dresses worn by models and the other showing cheap imitation dresses worn by ordinary Chinese (I think also other Asian) women. The two rows of women model and preen, as if they could really see each other - their antithetical nemesis.

It's actually funny because it's honest, with China being the faux fashion capital of the world. Instead of irking the locals, it pokes fun at both sides of the spectrum.

See more images here and here

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Vogue Icons 2008, Beijing

It's below freezing here in Beijing, but I just had one of my most memorable nights. Here is a preview of what you'll be seeing soon on The Philippine Star.

Japanese soccer player Hidetoshi Nakata

Nina Ricci artistic director Olivier Theyskens

French actress and fashion muse Lou Dillon, daughter of Jane Birkin

Supermodel Sasha Pivovarova

After everything that all the other celebrities are known for, Kate Moss is just Kate Moss.

With Maggie Cheung, the only one in the event deserving of the title icon.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Who I met at goth ball

Do-it-yourself death
Written by Miguel Paolo Celestial
Published in The Philippine Star, 28 November 2008

Let me tell you about Russell, Kaira, Katrina, and Paula, and how I met them over at the dark side of Serendra on an otherwise predictable night of costume parties.

“Eternal Death Wake 6: Grand Gothic Ball 2008” was my first brush with the world of goth, its music, aesthetics, and practitioners—not to mention the first ever Halloween party I dressed up for. Begun in 2002, the event has become an annual gathering for musicians, music lovers, and enthusiasts to call on the dead with their eerie screeches, morbid dressing, and heavy black make-up.

Read the full article, which was also my first photo cameo on a national daily