Thursday, February 19, 2009

Patrick Ervell: Blue and yellow

Something about the unique shades of blue and the material of the fabrics in yellow.

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tis serendipity said...

Such gorgeous coats. I'm loving the one on the left (3rd row) that looks a little like a raincoat but way chic in its simplicity. =)

Just discovered your blog and I think it's really great! I love the stuff you pick to feature and it's so interesting because I hardly ever come across male bloggers. Definitely going to introduce this site to more of my male friends X) hopefully they'll be able to pick up a couple of sartorial tips from you!

Miguel Paolo Celestial said...

Hello Lyn (?)!

I agree with you on that. It's really the color and the material.

Lots of other great shows from New York, and this is just my first post on them.

Glad you messaged. Nice blog. :) So we both posted about Francesco, the "entry-level" editor from Paris.

Hope your guy friends will find something useful.