Saturday, April 4, 2009

Bosquejo bazaar: Thrifted shoes

Bally Alvaro, size 6 1/2, PhP960 ($20)

From my thrift shopping posts, friends and even complete strangers have contacted me about the specific providence of the pieces. They have even asked if it would be possible for me to search for certain items for them.

Just look at the designs on this pair of Bally brogues. Notice also the difference in textures. The sole doesn't even seem to have suffered much wear.

Blackstream, size 40, PhP480 ($10)

This has led to the idea of setting up an online bazaar, not limited to shoes or even to just thrifted items, but to all fashion-related pieces that receive this blogger's stamp of approval.

These are sumptuous slip-ons/driving shoes. Though the brand is unheard of, it comes from Italy, and it shows in the softness of the suede and in the craftsmanship. Perfect for weekends.

Timberland, size 9, PhP880 ($18)

Though initially I may only post photos of items without buying them - only doing so when a reader has contacted me and expressed interest - who knows, with enough support, I may begin to build an actual Bosquejo Bazaar inventory.

What attracted me to these boots are the design and the color (in ashy dark gray).

Helmut Lang, size 7 (though it looks bigger than 7), Php1,599 ($33.50)

I plan to set shoes beside vintage bags as the initial primary pieces. Then maybe I'll set into action my ideas on jewelry for men.

Though square-toed shoes have long been outdated. This Helmut Lang pair is only very slightly square, and is forgivable because of the design and the softness of the leather.

Patrick Cox, size 40, PhP1,200 ($25)

Of course, the logical thing to do after I decide to buy items for the Bazaar is to just have them auctioned off at eBay.

I honestly do not know what this Patrick Cox pair is made of. When I entered the store I instantly saw them because the hair on the leather was gleaming. They felt no different from pelt.

Molt's, size 38, Php480 ($10)

But I don't know. Something stops me from doing that: maybe the future image of my very own small cult shop/botique full of all sorts of items that have not only made my eyes gleam but have made me imagine people other than myself holding them dear.

Amazing leather detailing and buckles. And the color! How can one even begin.

Doc Martens, size 6, Php580 ($12)

This suede pair is all about the basics, and also about remembering your old DMs before the company entered into all those designer collaborations.

So for now let this, my very first retail venture, begin online and as an initial extension of my menswear blog. Until further developments...


fuchsiaboy said...

love those helmut lang. i wish it could fit me, i'm a 9. :(

Miguel Paolo Celestial said...

I think their missized. They look much bigger than 7. I can get them for you if you want. Then if they don't fit they'll just be part of my inventory.

fuchsiaboy said...

please do it for me. il be in manila end of may for fashion week. ;)

fuchsiaboy said...

did you get the HL? ;)

Miguel Paolo Celestial said...

Hi Don! Sorry they were no longer there when I returned. But I found new pairs you may be interested in: