Monday, May 25, 2009

Joshua Kissi from Street Etiquette

I stumbled on Street Etiquette via Joshua Kissi's Lookbook page. He is quite popular on the outfit site. He and Travis Gumbs are the gentlemen behind the blog.

There's an important lesson to be learned from Joshua's outifts: you can be simple yet strikingly stylish by the use of color contrasts.

He deals with solids, giving them subtle accents through his accessories.

I've yet to go through the entirety of the duo's site. But gauging from the most recent pages, I think there are many interesting things packed in the posts. I especially like the New York City entries, where one gets a feel of the city — where the buildings, streets, and people are not just backgrounds for street style photos. A real photo diary.

Last but not the least: I hope I can someday pull off red jeans like Joshua does. Definitely dope.


khaz of beautiful things said...

ah i remember this guy. i hyped him also

Semapt said...

This guy is fresh! I read his blog daily you should throw it on your blogroll or email them for they can aknowledge you and your blog.

-h said...

really really really great style

Anonymous said...

it aight and eccentreet but cut the low riding way of wearing jeans , no one is interested in your hard to reach pockets