Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Bosquejo Bauble: Amulet medallions

This would probably be the last piece in Bosquejo Bauble's first series of accessories. Next, I hope to dabble with a mix of other unconventional materials. Something from the hardware store, perhaps? Pearls and precious stones? Buttons? The list doesn't end.

I paired this necklace with a wooden mask pendant from Camiguin. I think the combination does well to complement the neutral palette. The vest also came from my last thrift shop trip.

Tee, Armani Exchange; pants, Y-3; vest and Gucci leather sneakers: both thrifted; wooden necklace from Camiguin; amulet necklace, DIY; tiger's eye bracelet, 168; Omega Seamaster watch, heirloom


REDD said...

~love this one.. more masculine version of the previous two. ;))

Ca said...

Interesting how you mix different materials in jewelry. I agree with your comment from some time ago, male accessory should receive more attention. Having a timeless and elegant wrist watch is just the beginning.

musie said...

Waaaaay late to the game in seeing this, but I have to say I love this particular necklace! You've inspired me to make one for myself... or maybe my brother, if he's good.