Monday, June 8, 2009

Cruz V. of Denim on Denim

Cruz is 16 and he writes his blog, Denim on Denim, from Orange County. Here he is wearing his favorite furry calf skin boots and his bag-of-the-moment, his trusty messenger.

His style ranges from rock to preppy and everything sporty and grunge-y in between.

Cruz is very good in scoring boots — his footwear obsession — from flea markets. With them, he also manages to find these beautiful strappy sandals, shirts, and his quirky collection of accessories.

And did I mention the denim? He really does own the name of his blog. Even if he knows how to play around with plaid, integrating it into his different looks, denim is his element.

What did I tell you?

The denim and the boots — also his Cheap Mondays — make the difference.

Cruz just rocks his looks.

Buttoned or unbuttoned.

Calf skin, denim, cotton, or suede.

Shorts or skinny jeans.

Wait, forget everything I've said. It's just the hair that matters! Kidding.

View more outfits on Cruz V.'s Lookbook page


Mo said...

love this kid already!! such gr8 style

Cruz said...
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Cruz said...

Thanks for doin a post on me! I'm very glad you like my blog and style. :)

chauss said...

cruz rocks. :)

Damsels said...

i lvoe cruz

and thats a great maroon leather jacket .

i always read his posts so im not surprised you did a post on him
We Were Damsels

-h said...

he's the best!