Saturday, June 13, 2009

Face Hunter: Blue period

Some recent street style shots from Face Hunter.

Have you ever seen blue as good with black as in his outfit above? The necklace and the band are just enough. Now I'm wondering if I can do something similar for my Elmo shirt...

Though this next one is not as loud, his glasses, ring, and upturned collar hit the mark.

Now this gentleman is a real headturner, not just for his brightly-colored jacket, but also, believe it or not (no, not his bag), his hair and watch. This time it is blue + black + white + orange = two pairs of complements that know how to party.

But it takes more than that to rock an outfit. This one suggests that with the locks, you add man bling. In this case, a black necklace with studs paired with a shorter, feminine piece that is easily subdued by the small hardware.

For the last in this Blue series, Yvan Rodic gives us the regular bloke with a sensitive streak. And no, I'm not talking about his ragged scarf, but rather, his shy club collar.


-h said...

black & blue is one of my favorite combinations.
i really like the 2nd guy shirt and the trousers of the 3rd.

Miguel Paolo Celestial said...

yeah, i love the fact that his pants are pleated.