Monday, June 1, 2009

Manila menswear: M Barretto's essentials

Saturday saw a strong collection from designer M Barretto. Most notable were his slim-fit suit jackets that came in gray, black, and navy, with piping or with waist drawstrings. He also had maitre d's. Notice how this one was freshly paired with drop-crotch pants.

The suits were just the beginning. Starting there, M Barretto scaled across a selection of men's basics sufficient to upgrade any wardrobe. Of course, he added his own finishes. Take the overalls on the right, for instance, which had buckles for the front pockets and another pocket beneath one armpit.

M Barretto then presented almost all the permutations possible with the cardigan and the pullover. He widened collars, hems, and lapels. He cut pieces asymmetrically.

While in the process pairing them with superb denim and well-tailored pants.

The show was a retail frenzy, with almost all the pieces independently covetable.

I suppose by now, you could guess the color theme for M Barretto's collection. There was just one range used, besides navy, against all the blacks, whites, and grays.

The show made me suddenly think of all the items my cabinet was missing.

There were so many that it may take me quite a while just to decide which ones I want and which ones I need. Then again, with M Barretto's collection, I'm not sure there's a difference.


naboonies said...

A lot of wearable stuff I see here. A sign of retail success perhaps? I covet the shawl collar cardigans.. err all the sweaters actually!

Maverick Lacson said...

M barretto's drop crotch denims that ram sagad wore caught my eye. :)))