Monday, June 15, 2009

New shoes: Undercover + Number (N)ine + Chausser

This pair of Summer 2009 Undercover loafers combines the traditional appeal of tassels with the edgy detailing of white stitches and the multi-color, extra-thick soles. Strut, dance, kick! Available at Cliff Edge

Number (N)ine presented its last collection for Fall 2009. But even before that collection goes on sale comes this pair of laceless wingtips for the summer season.

Just look at its svelte silhouette, its thin and sturdy sole, and its supple and textured pebbled leather. Also available at Cliff Edge

Now how can you not fall in love with these delectable colors? The hues and the leather are not the only things that are remarkable; note also the cross between the boat shoe and the loafer, which brings casual to another level. These Chaussers available from Blackbird



Those Number (N)ine's are killing me. In a good way. I wish I could have them for Wednesday.

Herry said...

Can I buy these in the UK?

Miguel Paolo Celestial said...

Herry: Am not sure if these are sold at shops in the UK, but I'm almost certain you can order them online, through the sites of Blackbird and Cliff Edge, as linked in this post.