Saturday, June 27, 2009

White tank top + sheer sweater

The first time I heard about it, I couldn't believe it. Until now, Michael Jackson's death still hasn't sunk deep. He's just that phenomenal and influential that the full extent of our loss can only be realized as time passes. As we learn to accept that he wouldn't be able to write new songs, dance live in front of audiences, and wear the new costumes prepared for him (particularly those with Swarovski crystals and those designed by Ricardo Tisci for his O2 concerts).

Time passes, and only as it does will we fully comprehend how truly great he is.

On a lighter note, I never thought I could wear a tank top to work and live to tell you about it — even if I did wear a sweater, a sheer one at that, on top of it. In this second picture, I am wearing the blue Japanese robe I picked up in the same thrift store where I found a mask of Stitch. Since I really couldn't just wear the tank and the sweater in an airconditioned room.

Sheer sweater, Zara; Japanese robe, thrifted; tank, local department store; jeans, Levi's; leather sneakers, Converse

Photos by Patricia Suzara


-h said...

nice sweater

Miguel Paolo Celestial said...


REDD said...

~its so not Miguel Celestial for me to see u in a tank top, lol. im just not used to the idea, hahaha! kiddin bro. :)) tc