Thursday, July 30, 2009

Double time


There are days when all I want to be dressed in are neutrals — like ambiguous grays, boring beiges, and conservative browns. Not so much that I feel lazy to dress up, but just that I am not compelled to stand out.


Of course, that doesn't prevent me from sneaking in a few personal touches to an outfit. Like this striped fabric belt, which goes with the subtle striped pattern of my polo shirt.

I like the fact that the fabric belt is a little too long, so that I was able to reinsert it into a belt loop (just under my arm). It is not clear here, but I have also adjusted the ring buckle so that it is not positioned at the center, but is visible in the short belt segment exposed (just on the right side) where I have tucked in my shirt.


I have seen metal watches with alternating silver and gold links for the straps. I thought before that this was brilliant, since these could be matched to both black- and brown-based outfits. I took this a little further and just wore a silver and gold watch together, with a tiger's eye bracelet in between.

My friend and colleague was joking, "Oh so that's why you were late!" I say that's why I'm not bored by my seemingly plain outfit.

Polo shirt, Crocodile; jeans, Jil Sander; laceups and fabric belt: both thrifted; leather messenger, from an artisan in Beijing; watches: Tissot and Omega Seamaster; bracelet from 168, Divisoria

Photos by Patricia Suzara

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