Friday, July 24, 2009

How to wear white jeans


So shoot me. My first advice would be to wear white as if you don't care getting dirty. This is the most important thing to keep in mind. Otherwise don't bother.


Okay, so after ignoring my Alfalfa hair, let me say that this is a real escaltor stepped on by all sorts of people. The good news is I thrifted this pair for a mere pittance, which makes this picture doubly alright.

In this instance, I have chosen a black and white ensemble. In order that I won't be confused as an orderly (!), wore a plastic necklace, two wooden necklaces wound together and worn as a bracelet, and another bracelet made of tiger's eye — which serves as the outfit's accent.

The stripes on the shirt's collar and sleeves help to establish a theme.


And so does this skinny belt, barely seen. I think this is best done at the back or on either side, not in front.


So there. White on white can be quite tricky. Accessories not necessary if you have well cut trousers, a nice shirt, and, most importantly, the attitude.

So how have you worn your white jeans?

Tee, Zara; jeans, thrifted; belt, APC; plastic necklace, Qeelin; sneakers, Generic Surplus

Photos by Cecilia Aycocho


RCXY said...

nice ass! lolz
happy anniversary!

Miguel Paolo Celestial said...

haha, and no dirt!

nhutt said...

i love ur styling so much.
i'm thai
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and u?

pls contact with ma e-mail

i need to talk about
ur beautiful clothes
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