Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Just adopted: Gray suede Opening Ceremony saddle shoes by The Dandy Project

Opening Ceremony 03

Remember these Opening Ceremony saddle shoes? Well they've finally found a home.

Opening Ceremony 04

Now they will no longer languish in my room dreaming of the places they would be going to.

The Dandy Project

Met up with Izzy of The Dandy Project yesterday to hand him the pair. Don't you think the derbies match his whistle and Casio watch well?

The Dandy's Project 01

I've been following The Dandy Project for quite some time. Here are my favorites among his tailored projects. This first shirt is actually made from chiffon. Don't you just love the pattern?

The Dandy's Project 02

This next one reminds me of kiwi fruit. I really should start visiting the local fabric store to begin my own creations.


Izzy said...

Haha thanks for the mention, I'm really happy about the shoes.

You should go!! You might even find people to take street style pictures of. Or not! hahahaha

Dru said...

those are awesome shoes! :)