Saturday, July 25, 2009

Relishing my cucumber pants


So I suppose it's quite obvious by now that I'm on Pants Fixation Week. But indulge me, especially with this next pair, which I also picked up from a thrift store.


I had to look at them twice, then pace and think several times before I decided to buy them. There's something grotesque about the combination of zippers (they're fake and do not open) and bunched up creases, don't you think?

First I thought that it would be extremely difficult to wear them with anything, but they have slowly come into their own. I had only thought of this terry cloth tee combination before I wore them yesterday, and I was surprised to see that the two very different fabrics didn't clash.


I was also worried that people would shake their heads in disapproval since the pants look so different, but friends and colleagues have not only gotten used to them, but have grown fond of the pair as well.

I, in my part, look forward to wearing them in another surprising combination.

Tee, Replay; pants, thrifted; tote, American Boulevard; thrifted sneakers, Comme des Garçons Shirt; sand necklace, gift

Photos by Cecilia Aycocho

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