Sunday, July 26, 2009

Thrift shoe Shangri-La in Pasig

Pasig thrift shoes

Yes, this is how the first shoe rack I saw beckoned. Like a prophet with a life-changing revelation.

I think out of experience, one develops a way of taking a quick glance at a thrift shop and deciding if it's worth visiting. One good sign is a well stocked rack. The first things you notice about this one — besides the boots — are the navy blue boat shoes.

Pasig chukka 01

Though no pair fit me, these chukka boots more than eased the pain. (Pardon the pictures for this post. This pair is actually more tan than olive.) I immediately took a liking to its handmade quality.

First time I saw chukkas I fell for the combination of rough stitching and aproned "skirts". I like the fettuccini laces on this pair. Too bad the one on the left seems to have been shortened.

Pasig chukka 02

The suede needs to be cleaned. But I think the chips in the sole and the weathered parts add to the folk feel of this type of footwear.

Pasig chukka 03

Another interesting detail: rusty metal fasteners.

Pasig laceups 01

I also found these very soft laceups (more mahogany than clayish brown) after the chukkas. In contrast to the boots above, this is a finely constructed pair.

Pasig laceups 02

Just look at the stitching. I also appreciate the thin soles. I wonder how the color will turn out once cleaned.


Even with just these two pairs, I could have gone home uncontestably happy. Here I am at Shangri-La Mall after the trip to Pasig City, already wearing the laceups instead of the shoes I left the house with.

Tee, People are People; jeans, Bench; belt, Brave Beltworks; laceups, thrifted; PVC bag, 5cm; gold watch, Omega Seamaster

Pasig moccasins 01

But then fate interferred and brought me these tasseled loafers in the last store I stopped by.

The design is simple and clean. Was surprised to see tassel fastenings that looked like staple gun bullets, but eventually they won me over.

Pasig moccasins 02

What is it about good slip-ons and their back stitching?


Here is Onin Lorente of Style Anywhere, who took my picture and accompanied me around the unfamiliar city.


And here I am with my camera print tee, a witness to the unfailing power of thrift shopping.


SustantivoMasculino said...

~astound to your new finds - new shoes, new destinations! you can never really tell where u can stumble the good stuff. i so agree that slip-ons are the most comfortable shoes.

i can recognize NINO in the pic, we used to hang out for no-rice meals and see him around the village.

nwei, more thrifts for you! cheers!

Izzy said...

the chukkas and tassel loafers are great buys!

khaz of beautiful things said...

great chukkas! sama nyo ako next time you go thrift shopping

Styles I Love said...

those tasseled loafers are awesome. care to share the location of such great finds? congrats on your first year by the way!

Miguel Paolo Celestial said...

REDD: Yeah, I'm sure there are many shops out there to discover and scour!

Izzy: Hey, still interested in the gray Opening Ceremony derbies? With all the sales around, I think I may agree to your price. :)

Khaz: Sige, sama ka next time. We missed you yesterday.

Bobby: Thanks! It was near a church in Pasig, Kapitolyo area. Will ask Onin for detailed directions.

I think I should have taken pictures of the other great pairs that unfortunately didn't fit me so you'll see what else is still available. I did that before in my Bosquejo Bazaar section.

Mo said...

miguel i want that t shirt! where do i get it :(


Miguel Paolo Celestial said...

hey mo! i found it at people are people. if you want i can look for one for you, though it's been months since i got it...


love the clay lace-ups!!