Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A tribute to my readers on the blog's first anniversary


Can you guess any of the people/organizations in this collage? Each has commented at one point or another on El Bosquejo since 22 July 2008.

The blog wouldn't have gone this far without your kind words and support. So this day is for you.

If you have left comments but are not part of this, it's not too late for you to send me pics. Before the week ends, I will also be featuring my followers. More readers to appear on the site.

Till the next year! Once again, thanks.


Kitsch said...

Dude, congrats on your blog's 1st yr. If I may share a few comments:

1. You're carving a niche, and you make it appear intelligent for a field unfairly perceived to be frivolous. Very edgy.

2. I like the idea of juxtaposing fashion content with pictures and film clippings. So chic.

3. Interspersing fashion material with verses or relating the former to mood and emotion is smart and modish

4. Kudos to your very practical "Thrift Shopping" segment. Helps adapt to (if not mitigate) the financial crisis.

1. A more grounded audience segmentation and a clearer sense of direction may help improve your page.

2. Too much of foreign fashion insights without sufficient context and connection to local taste or application. There is value in building on the local fashion scene as you are more immersed in it. (More how tos on menswear style would be a come-on)

2. The way you ventilate your internal ramblings exhibit lack of confidence on or passion for your work; makes you sound like an armchair fashion critic. Fashion is perception like politics.

3. For now, your poses and cameos are rather awkward; and the manner by which you project your sense of fashion seems flat and fledgling

4. You seem well-rounded and talented. It would be interesting to see more of your own creation in your future posts.

Good luck as you continue to chronicle the breadth and depth of the experiences and perceptions of people who create and breathe fashion.

Mo said...

ur super rad el bosquejo! i have posted your blog and a link to it on my fb so my guy friends can read it. ur taste level is great. where are u based out of?

« wEhtTam_29™ » said...

i love your site, i wish i could've found out of it a little earlier, your site rock, any plans of upgrading to a custom domain like you may visit my personal blog @ thanks and happy blogging!:)

ifzan ibrahim said...

hah! i spot ant from alphabeticalife and kwannam chue from we could grow up together, and me of course :)

youre most welcome.

Miguel Paolo Celestial said...

Kitsch: Thanks for your valuable comments. Will implement improvements.

Mo: Manila. Read your comment at La Folie Douce. Will also reply there. Thanks for spreading the word!

Wehttam_29: Yeah, I've been thinking about the domain. Thanks!

Ifzan: Blogs are such a great way to "meet" people. See you around.

RCXY said...

saw my pic!!!! how sweet of you!
saw u at the fashion week but i thought you won't recognize me so i let the chance of personally saying hi slip. anyways, there's always next season. anyhoo, congratulations to your first anniversary! more power. el bosquejo makes menswear interesting at times when I'm thinking of wearing skirt and heels! i'll keep reading...

Miguel Paolo Celestial said...

Hello RCXY! Let's talk when we see each other again. Who knows, there are lots of events between Fashion Weeks.

Thanks for the greeting! I'm happy you get something out of the blog. :) More power to you too.