Monday, July 27, 2009

A tribute to my readers, Part II

Anniv 02

As another week begins, let me conclude this blog's anniversary festivities by giving thanks to all my Blogger followers, to those who have linked to El Bosquejo from their sites, and to other friends and supporters along the way.

Today's post is for you.


Izzy said...

That's great! Yes I'm still interested. But I would like to try them on for size first, because the OC shoes I have are a size or two smaller (but they pinch my feet). What would be a convenient meeting time and place for you?

Miguel Paolo Celestial said...

Great! Makati would be easiest for me, 430pm onwards on weekdays and after lunch on weekends.

Izzy said...

Okay, I'll e-mail you a meeting place and time within the day. Thanks!

carlz_elmstherson said...

omg! is that me in the lower right portion of the picture???Where'd you get this photo?!



Miguel Paolo Celestial said...

Yeah, that's you Carlz. Got your pic from your Faceook profile. Hope you don't mind.

Thanks for reading the blog. :)