Monday, July 13, 2009

WestEast: Night Crusaders

Nothing is what it seems in this editorial, where items are used other than what they are intended for. Like this "safety" pin brooch "piercing" an eyebrow.

Sweater, Moschino; vest, Prada; pants, Jean Paul Gaultier; hat, H&M; brooch as eyewear, stylist's own

These images descend into a night of dead stars, of muffled pain.

Belt as harness, Gucci

Makes you think of Nightmare on Elm Street.

Jacket, Chanel; beret as mask, Prada; necklace, Burberry Prorsum

Star Trek crossed with The Twilight Zone and Thomas Mann's Mario and the Magician.

Necklace, Christian Dior; shoulder pads, Trashy Lingerie, L.A.; t-shirt, Prada

Jacket as cape, Bottega Veneta; vest, Louis Vuitton; glasses, Dita

Jacket and leggings, Jean Paul Gaultier

Bolero, Celine; harness, Treasure Chest; belt and pants, Gucci

Pants and necktie, Dior Homme; gloves, Chanel

Jacket, Salvatore Ferragamo; blouse and skirt, Miu Miu; necklace as headpiece, Burberry Prorsum; leggings, Fogal

'Night Crusaders'
WestEast 27: Spice, Spring 2009
Photography: Wing Shya
Realisation: Sean Kunjambu