Saturday, August 29, 2009

At the center of things


Sometimes I wish I worked and lived in a city with parks or accessible suburbs, so I can have mood pictures for my outfit posts. Or even areas with abandoned buildings. But I suppose the random things and little suprises in the same tired streets of Manila's central business district will do — in the meantime at least.


At the center of my outfit yesterday is an animal claw pendant that I made into a brooch-cum-tie-pin, which fastens a temporary skinny scarf. I have posted this safey pin brooch before, after buying a bunch in different sizes.


Even if I may seem like an urban caged gorilla in my restricted city confine, inspiration always finds its way between the bars. But it may be time for a change of scene...

Tee, Polo by Ralph Lauren; tie and cardigan: both thrifted; jeans, Jil Sander; leather sneakers, Converse; pendant, American Boulevard

Photos by Patricia Suzara

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