Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Austin Goldberg from Kansas City

Austin Goldberg 01

Austin works as a film editor, after he left Starbucks. He also plays music.

Austin 02

since I returned home from pennsylvania, i've been nonstop everything. i started my new job as a film editor, and i couldn't be more pleased. i set my own hours and come and go as i wish. i've been working on a project for a convention in louisville, kentucky. i will have it finished by tomorrow morning and i plan to leave for the 3 day convention in the afternoon. i will have a hotel room of my own and all of my food will be paid for. did austin goldberg strike it rich? maybe he did. i stopped working for starbucks today after 3 and a half years. as for the bad news, my saab is broken down. this forced me to buy a new car last week. i'm now the proud owner of a 1992 jaguar. wooooood graaaaain.

Austin Goldberg 03

today i decided to start training for our 600 mile bicycle ride. i walked down into devon's basement and hopped on her dad's 1970's exercise bike. i tuned my ipod to french disco and rode that baby until the chain was smokin'. i hope to continue this pattern until i return home. hell, maybe i'll even lift some weights.

Austin 04

These first few pictures are from his Lookbook page.

Austin Goldberg 05

The rest are from his blog, which is what blogs used to be.

Austin Goldberg 06

i got back from the cabin yesterday afternoon. we spent 4th of july with trevor and his friends. 20 of them. we all squeezed into his small lake house in the ozarks. it was nice to be around some different people. today, devon and i took the boat out and did some fishing. she caught some, and so did i. we went to the royals game early last week as well. i've been busy with my new job and it makes me feel good. i'm glad to finally be doing something i love, film editing. this is going to be a busy month for me. i'm leaving for virginia this weekend and then kentucky in two weeks. i'll keep you updated.

Austin Goldberg 07

A simple diary of daily jottings. Feelings and memories crumpled into paper napkins.

Austin Goldberg 08

Nothing wrong with being a shirt and jeans kind of guy.

Austin Goldberg 09

As long as it suits you and what you do. Remember though to never underestimate the power of henleys, hoodies, boat shoes, and green jeans.

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