Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Can a man wear this?


Can a man wear this?

Arnhild is from Norway. She wears an Urban Outfitter playsuit and Beyond Retro sunglasses in this photo by Vanessa Jackman


Or even this?

This photo of Julie appears in Citizen Couture


Apparently, the species has tried. But won't a fabric belt help him finish the trick?

Kenneth is from Gothenburg. He is wearing a vintage trench coat, a Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair t-shirt, and Yves Saint Laurent shoes in this photo from Stil in Berlin

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SustantivoMasculino said...

~i like the first pic. overall suits do make a comeback. maybe if it was lengthed a little bit I would think it is masculine. skirts either long or short is too much for me.. unless ur scottish.