Thursday, August 13, 2009

Dimitri chased by street style paparazzi

Dimitri 01

Shot by Stockholm Street Style

Dimitri 02

Tracked down by Copenhagen Street Style

Dimitri 03

Dimitri 04

Cornered by Style Clicker

Dimitri 05

Intercepted by Stil in Berlin

Dimitri 06

I imagine all this happened to Dimitri, a 16-year-old student, in the course of a single day. He wears Doc Martens boots, a vintage shirt, and an H&M bag.

Dimitri 07

What do you think is the more important question: where he got his round, hypnotic glasses; whether his outfit would have still worked had he worn trousers or longer shorts; or should he have shaved his legs before wearing such short shorts?


-h said...

i think he pulls off all these "unusual" elements quite well actually. the glasses suit him, and so do the short shorts, oddly enough i think the hair on his legs (that sounds so creepy!!) makes the look masculine some how...

Edrick said...

me, i think the whole look is just parfait