Sunday, August 23, 2009

Gray thrifting holiday


Spent the whole day last Friday in bed since I wasn't feeling well, as is a little evident in these pictures. Must have been the flu. Good thing I had taken meds starting Thursday night. By Friday afternoon I was feeling strong enough to join my friend on a return trip to the Japanese goods shop.

I broke in my new espadrilles and combined a fabric and wood pendant necklace with my current bauble favorite.


This was the gray striped pullover I found inside one of the boxes crowding the garage. It was up for only PhP10 (US$0.20). I adopted it like a poor unwanted puppy. But I didn't get the brown beanie I was holding in the first picture since it was already hopelessly mangy.


My next find was this gray jacket. The shoulders fit snuggly and I liked the lapels, but I was unsure about the sleeve length. I think they're even shorter than what Thom Browne prescribes. But I got it anyway, since I could wear it casually.

The tie was the third item of the day. Looking at this picture now, I'm wondering why I never thought of wearing ties untied, like scarves.


Believe it or not, after all the exertion rummaging through dusty clothes, I went home feeling more than a little better.

Outfit photos by Cecilia Aycocho


stylemarker said...

i actually find the length of the gray jacket a nice-fit for you. Not too long, not too short.

Great sweater!

Edrick said...

my! 10 only! great find.

TeTeT said...

can u share where is this jap store? thanks!

Miguel Paolo Celestial said...

stylemarker and edrick: thanks!

TeTeT: it's on J Victor Street. to get there, go to pasong tamo, turn right on herrera (rufino) before (after if you're coming from edsa) the makati cinema square. you turn on the corner with a goldilocks shop, in front of which is a shell station.

palanca said...

Hi! Is the thrift store named Zakka-Ya Garment Store? I passed by tonight but they were closed already.. :-( Would you happen to know their operating hours and if they're open on Sundays? Thanks a lot!! your blog is really very inspiring.

Miguel Paolo Celestial said...

palanca: Thanks. I honestly don't remember the name. Not sure how late they close, but yeah, they're open on Sundays.