Friday, August 28, 2009

High and low, Up and up


Took this after we watched UP, which may not have been one of the best thought-out stories from Pixar, but the cute, crazy, and totally implausible bits made the movie endearing.

Standing before a dry fountain in this photo, but since it was raining while we watched the film, the streets were wet. Big mistake to wear espadrilles in uncooperative weather. Rope stays wet for quite a while.

cK Jeans shirt, vest, tie, agnes b. leather and canvas messenger: all thrifted; jeans, Jil Sander; belt (not seen), APC; espadrilles from Davao

UP 01

But who cares, the movie just finished and squishy soles did not dampen my enthusiasm for what we just watched. In terms of fashion and literary devices, I really liked the part when the passing of time was shown by Ellie tightening Carl's many colorful ties.


Incidentally, my temporary high was enough to inspire me to snap pictures for my photo blog, Draft of Shadows, which I have just decided to reformat. Here are three scenes I passed by while I was walking back to Ayala Avenue.

UP 02

Like in the case of Disney's Lilo & Stitch, I firmly believe the writer was on crack when he was crafting some of the hilarious sequences.


If only we can fly away from it all — work, traffic, flooding. But then again, how long can you manage not updating your blog?

UP 03

I just noticed that for most of the movie Carl was wearing a bowtie, probably even in silk. Remember his well-coordinated ensembles (suit complete with vest) each time he and Ellie would climb their little hill?


How peaceful their life must have been...

UP 04

Carl's outfits were surely no competition against this "prehistoric" bird's plummage, but have you met a more stylish balloon salesman ?

Outift photo by Patricia Suzara

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