Sunday, August 16, 2009

Kimono robe and shorts


I haven't really talked about the patterns on this blue kimono robe I thrifted months ago and wore with a tank top and sheer sweater back in June.

As you can see below, the top part has an alternate stitching pattern. It is not clear here (maybe in another post), but the lower part of the robe shifts to cross-hatching.


Here are the steel beads once again, but worn on a thin stainless chain, paired with the smallest of my sheep brooches.


The robe is interesting enough for me to keep the accessories small, and I Iove how they go well with my DIY denim cut-offs. (I still have a stack of sentenced jeans and pants).


Finishing today's outift are these loafers that are so worn that they are almost as comfortable as sneakers. Who says leather shoes are only for work days?

Robe and Lee denim, both thrifted; tee, Public Enemy; accessories, DIY; loafers, Dexter


Everyone loves fashion said...

hey there? how are you? just wanted to say you have a great blog for men! Keep up the good job :)

Miguel Paolo Celestial said...

hey there. thanks!

you have some great editorials on your site. :)

YekkY said...

Your pins are adorable. Im making myself a set... ;-) PS. Did I already mention how I love your blog... ;-D

Anonymous said...

you should wear shorts more often you look really cute in them