Saturday, August 1, 2009

New sneakers from A.P.C., Vans, adidas, and Nike

A.P.C. Tennis A10 Sneakers

I think these dark gray suede sneakers from A.P.C. are perfect for the city. Not only becuase of their color — which goes with the smog, concrete, and general indifference — but also because they are simply good for walking.

Available at Zozo

This post is part response to a query made by Vegetation quadrat sampling about tennis shoes, and part update on sneakers.

MS Sneaker 2009 Fall/Winter Rainbow Check Sneakers

Men who seek to be low-key often avoid color. From head to toe.

But if you must deviate just a little, these are the shoes for your neutral or tonal wardrobes.

No solid neons, but plaid bright enough to be noticed.

And of course, contrasting suede wing-tips.

As seen on Hypebeast

adidas Originals Nizza High

How can you go wrong with blue and white?

But what gives this pair its appeal is that these high-tops remind one of basketball shoes during NBA's heyday.

Available at Zozo

Vans Fall 2009 Era CA

Two-tones ground you, even if they're in violet and pink. Though you may need one or two coordinating colors in your top for balance. Suede has been paired well with canvas.

Available at Zozo

Vans Fall 2009 46 CA | New Colorways

These brave and bright colorways are not for the fainthearted.

But the good thing about monochrome is that you can extend a color theme to an entire outfit.

Let's say this sky blue pair with dark raw denim and a plain white tee. But don't forget the hat.

For the daring, these can of course be used as accents.

Available at Zozo

Vans Authentic Gingham Limited Edition

For those who may think the big plaids above might just make them look like clowns, these ginghams are for you.

Think of them as barely any different from your similarly patterened shirts — not at all formal, but at the same time not slovenly casual.

The most fun way to experiment, me thinks, with this pair, is to mix them with different patterns in an outfit. Plaid, different types of gingham, stripes, polka dots, or what have you. The challenge, of course, is to harmonize everything.

Available at Zozo

Nike Talache Low AC Supreme Premium Essentials Pack

I had to rub my eyes when I saw these.

I mean, surely they couldn't be sneakers? It's like only reading the last letters of a word and ignoring everything in between: they're brogues because of the perforations, never mind the colorways and the soles!

The appeal to wear them with chinos is obvious. But can you imagine these worn with linen trousers? In the right color, I surely can!

Available at Atmos

Vans Classic White Slip-On

This quilted pair may seem only suitable inside the car.

But when comfort and simplicity are what shorts and a tee demand, these suit the role.

Available at Oki-ni

Vans Classic Black Slip-on

Same goes for black.

Available at Oki-ni

Vans Era Trainer

I know this may seem no different from the others, except for the color. But black suede always seems better.

Add that to the fact that this pair has gray leather patches at the heels, and the gray sole is trimmed by black. Deceptively simple improvements, but quite effective.

Available at Oki-ni

Vans Era Lx

Navy must be the icing on the monochromatic sneaker cake. Especially if it comes in calfskin uppers, with waxed navy laces.

Nothing friendlier to denim, except perhaps, blue suede.

Available at Oki-ni

Nike Tennis Classic Vintage (VNTG) in Black and Challenge Red

Black and red tennis shoes. Who would have thought?

I love the vintage design of this pair, from the style and the color to the purposely rusted off-white sole. Even the logo looks dated. The shape of this pair seems most suited for its stated use, but the colors make you think twice — I like that in shoes and clothes.

Available at Atmos

Vans Authentic Trainer

Instead of having brightly colored uppers, this time it's the soles that attract attention.

A little more discrete, yes. But I'd say these are even harder to incorporate into an outfit.

In red, available at Oki-ni

In blue, available at Oki-ni

In yellow, available at Oki-ni

In green, available at Oki-ni

A.P.C. Tartan Tennis Sneaker

And yes, the post's piece de resistance: tartan tennis shoes.

You don't have to wait for Christmas to wear these colors. Pair them with denim, khakis, chinos, and shorts — in blue or a variety of other colors, even in madras, plaid, stripes.

I believe the colors and the fine pattern of these tartans make the pair versatile.

Available at Zozo

Till the next shoe post! I hope you liked at least one pair.


TeTeT said...

I love all the Vans shoes! The smog colored APC is also great!

naboonies said...

Ooohh you're turning on my shoe obsession again! I love the Gingham Vans...

carlz_elmstherson said...

When i say shoes you say DROOL!