Monday, August 24, 2009

Oliver A. from Sweden takes on Lookbook

Oliver 01

Oliver A does so not just by his impeccable personal style, but also by his unconventional attitude.

Oliver 02

Who else but he has posted something like this in his Lookbook profile, in toto:

Why must there be a karma filter when I see so much more potential with those who do not have a strong reputation within the community? It is as if a President does not listen to the people of his country. It is as if people discriminate with those who have a lower reputation. But how can you build a better reputation if you're not given a second chance? The Hot page is always so dull to me. Wouldn't it be better if the karma filter was eliminated? There would be more traffic for everyone, but then everyone would have an equal chance.

Oliver 03

Everyone is beautiful in one way or another. Why are there only thin people with 'perfect' bodies in this place? Were we not educated to embrace those who differ from us those who were not blessed with perfect skin and never-ending legs? Why do we hype those who are pretty and not those who are fashionably late? Pretty boy, pretty girl. Does it even matter as long as you try your best to look nice?

Oliver 04

You may agree or disagree. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions. Giving them your point of view is one thing, but being harsh to another to agree with you is another story. But I'll tell you one thing: I've read many things about how intimidating this place is to newcomers and there are people viewing from the shadows too scared to come out of their shells. Hence, this place is a failure.

Oliver 05

Oliver is quite frank, even if he does have most of the characteristics that make online celebrities of Lookbook members. His words are well appreciated, as many have expressed through comments.

Oliver 06

As with beauty pageants and popularity contests, anyone who posts at Lookbook must contend with bias and prejudice. Most of the time a high number of hypes isn't tantamount to style. The site, after all, is more about fashion, what's current, what's in the mode — in good taste and bad.

Oliver 07

Like this illustration of Oliver, it all comes down to the picture, which is composed of both illusion and reality; acting and personality; setting, mood, lighting, and natural beauty.

Oliver 08

The camera is not friendly to everyone, but everyone can be stylish, and those who truly are, do not need popularity for confirmation.

Light, color, patterns, textures, proportion, imagination, personality: all of these come together without any nefarious strategem. Without fanfare, they become part of the course of one day in a person's life . Like pleasant weather and sudden music, they are mere blooms in a season of inspiration.


-h said...

wow his pictures are amazing. i have a lookbook membership, but i deleted almost everything and stopped posting to it, and i only started logging in again i think it was through some of the people you've featured.

i dont know, i lose interest in these fashion communities where it becomes a competition. and i never liked that hype page.

Miguel Paolo Celestial said...

though it does have the advantage of getting a general feel of the zeitgeist, sometimes it takes several scroll downs to find treasure

Bill said...

I love the checked trousers!i ve been looking around for smthing like taht but cant find what i want