Monday, August 10, 2009

Safety pin brooches: A story

Safety pins 01

Finally found the gigantic safety pins at Divisoria. Here they are laid out with smaller cousins.

Safety pins 02

My first impulse was to place pendants to create brooches, together with some beads.

Safety pins 03

But then I thought why not dispense with the pendants altogether and just join the differently sized safety pins? Which coincidentally look like sheep.

Safety pins 04

Here is a family of three grazing on peaceful pastureland under benevolent clouds.

Safety pins 05

And here is a dysfunctional group with a vain and selfish parent and wily lamb children.


carlz_elmstherson said...

Those are really really CUTE!

Trish said...

Anong sakit mo, ha? :P

Miguel Paolo Celestial said...

Nung saturday ko pa yan ginawa, pinublish ko lang kanina! :D

Ashita Alix said...

WOW! this is an amazing post!!!

I am definitely inspired. I have tried looking for over sized safety pins myself, much to my dismay i have to purchase it in bulk :(

Can't wait to read your next post. have a great week

-h said...

they do look like sheep! how cute!

Miguel Paolo Celestial said...

Thanks Ashita! How many pieces do you have to buy? If you only need a few maybe I can arrange some to be sent...

-h: Haha, I had to restrain myself from creating an entire brood.

nicole said...

wow, where in dv did you find those big pins. can't find them anywhere!

Miguel Paolo Celestial said...

hey nicole. i found them in an accessories store along tabora street. it's quite big, with stairs leading up to it.