Saturday, August 8, 2009

Three thrifted cardigans, a wool jacket, and a fleece coat

Cardigan 01a

So after having my fill of ties and vests and chancing upon a cutaway and a well-cut jacket, I return to the Japanese goods thrift store to gorge my appetite on cardigans, in the process finding an unexpected coat and jacket.

The cardigans I found seem meant for me: either sheer and made from very light fabrics or deliciously patterned and thick.

Cardigan 01b

This first piece is both sheer and ribbed. The emblem on the left chest reveals it is a country golf club cardigan.

Cardigan 02a

I love the embroidered pattern of this next one and also its length.

Cardigan 02b

Nevermind that it's a woman's cardigan. Just look at those mother of pearl buttons.

Jacket 01a

I think this wool jacket would better fit once I remove the shoulder pads. Maybe also a little bit of tailoring would finish the trick.

Jacket 01b

I may also want to remove the top two buttons to make it more masculine.

Jacket 03c

The buttons, apparently, bear United States of America emblems.

Cardigan 03a

This light gray cardigan, also ribbed, I primarily got for the color.

Cardigan 03b

It would be perfect to top off dark colored outfits, or even light neutrals.

Coat 01a

Keeping the last cardigan on, I tried this fleece-lined winter jacket.

Coat 01b

I know it seems impractical, but I am sure I will have use of this coat some time in the future.

Coat 01c

I just couldn't let it go, especially seeing how good it matched my ensemble. Not least the fact that it suits me.

Coat 01d

Here it is once again. And here ends another fulfilling trip to the thrift shop.

Which piece do you like the most?

Black tee, Sisley; skinny jeans, Two Percent; thrifted boots, Timberland

Photographs by Cecilia Aycocho


Dru said...

where is this Japanese thrift store??? if you don't mind sharing of course. :)

TeTeT said...

the fleece jacket is perfect, it can be paired off with jeans and khakis :)

-h said...

you scored some fantastic cardigans. i esp. like the 2nd one and the lt grey one. but im loving the grey DB, and i agree about removing the top 2 buttons!

Edrick said...

great finds! the jersey jacket's nice :-)

Miguel Paolo Celestial said...

More and more I'm finding that the spur-of-the-moment trips to thrift shops yield surprises.

Dru: The store is located near Makati Cinema Square, down a street perpendicular to Pasong Tamo (forgot the name) with a Goldilocks shop at the corner (across the street is a Shell station). Just go straight from Goldilocks till you find balikbayan boxes outside a small shop. Beside it is a laundromat.

-h and Edrick: Thanks. Am also thinking of having tacks added to the front part to tuck in the excess fabric.

TeTeT: Now I have to plan a trip where I can use it. :)

Cecille said...

the street is called J.Victor. And I managed to score a kimono on that trip too :)

Dru said...

thanks, miguel!
i will go there soon :)
i hope i find something awesome.


got to check this place out..near ummm oriental garden in front of business mirror?

Miguel Paolo Celestial said...

beyond that. there's a goldilocks at the corner of va rufino (herrera) and pasong tamo. go down the road. the shop is at the corner block of rufino and j. victor street. hope this helps