Saturday, August 8, 2009

Wearing nothing but two vests and a cardigan


This is my latest effort in finding a solution for layering in tropical Manila. The base of my top is a sheer double-breasted cardigan, which is a bit big and long. So what I did was to pair the buttons with the wrong buttonholes. The effect not only shortens the piece but also gives the impression of having more than two layers.

Since the collar of the sheer cardigan is quite low, I wore a thick vest, without buttons, on top of it, using two safety pins as fastening. Then finally on top is another vest to give the entire look more polish.

This top set is not at all warm. I may even need an actual jacket when it rains hard.

Sheer cardigan, Zara; buttonless vest, Dean & Trent; five-buttoned vest, thrifted; skinny jean, Two Percent; plastic necklace, Queelin

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