Thursday, August 6, 2009

Yvan Rodic's new blog

Yvan Rodic 01

In addition to Facehunter, I started a few days ago a new blog called Yvan Rodic — like my name. It's a visual diary where I'll be sharing with you some fragments of my adventures, beyond the format of streetstyle. If you visit Yvan Rodic now you can already see the pictures from my last days in Stockholm. From tomorrow, more to love: Copenhagen, Oslo, Helsinki, Tokyo, London...

Yvan Rodic 02

Yvan's more personal photographs lend us a deeper look into his general aesthetic. How he sees things and what interests him. What he looks for in his pictures for Facehunter.

Yvan Rodic 03

Yvan Rodic 04

Yvan Rodic 05

Even his own style tells us he's not one to take things too seriously.

Yvan Rodic 06

Yvan Rodic 07

He can be quirky but at the same time classic.

Yvan Rodic 08

Sober even when you see him lying on the floor.

Yvan Rodic 09


Izzy said...

I love the new personal blog! It does kind of give you a deeper look into the way he thinks and sees things.

Marcelo Nocetti said...

oieee, gostei do teu blog, bem organizadinho, e percebi q gostas de moda, se estou mesmo certo, confira meu blog especialmente feito para garotos estilosos como vc, espero q acompanhe, assim como acompanharei o seu :D

Miguel Paolo Celestial said...

Izzy: Have you left already?

Marcelo Nocetti: Thanks! Sure, I'll take a look at your site. :)