Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The DIY safety pin imperative


Yvan Rodic captures Pelayo's latest DIY project. The Central Saint Martin student says he'll make a safety pin shirt for you if you are interested.

Vena Cava

At the Vena Cava show, as snapped by Susie.


I know many of you will say that this trend was introduced years ago, but I want to make something especially my own. Here are several images I am hoping I'll cull inspiration from.


Moschino's Uomo shirt. Though gold pins would have been better than gold foil or paint.

Gareth Pugh Fall 2008

Safety pin dresses by Gareth Pugh for his Fall 2008 collection.

Augustine Wong 01

A safety pin bow tie brooch by Augustine Wong.

Instructables 01

A winged shirt from Instructable.

Augustine Wong 02

I am thinking of doing this for actual bow ties and not just brooches. White with silver pins?

Instructables 02

What's good with the Instructable site is that it offers detailed DIY steps. This shows how important it is to sew down your pins into place.

Realm Jewelry 01

A cameo necklace from Realm Jewelry. I love the configuration of the pins. I'm sure there's a way to tone this down or make it look more like hardware for a cameo-less male version.

Instructables 03

Augustine Wong 03

Time to buy hundreds! In gold, silver, bronze, and in all sizes!

Realm Jewelry 02

More necklaces from Realm Jewelry.

Instructables 04

Surely, safety pin shirts or jackets require painstaking dedication and careful planning.

Augustine Wong 04

Time to begin!



Katy 01

Katy, a blogger and college writing student, has created her own version of the Vena cava safety pin. With medium-sized pins instead of the giant ones, I dare say they look better. Even the people from Vena Cava agree.

Katy 02

Now I'm thinking I definitely need a dummy. Do they make one for the male build?

Katy 03

I am also more convinced that a removable top is infinetely better than pinning them permanently on a shirt.

Katy 04

I am thinking that a male version of this would be a vest. Thanks again Katy for the comment and the inspiration!


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Dhon Jason said...

love the winged shirt.

naboonies said...

Great DIY ideas, although I might contemplate before doing it. Looks like it needs a lot of patience and attention to detail!

katy said...

amazing! lots of great inspiration, especially the wings.

i found this while searching for DIYs of the Vena Cava safety pin camisole, which I ended up doing myself: http://www.dirtyhems.com/2009/09/nyfw-diy-1.html

and now you've got me thinking of what to do with the leftovers! :D

La Chauve-Souris said...

I am so loving your blog!!! you're going in my favs.... and I can tell you that I nearly never say this to bloggers

you're my crush of the week

Miguel Paolo Celestial said...

La Chauve-Souris: Hello there weird bat and fellow Margiela fan. I like the unique feel of your blog.
Will trawl through it soon enough!

Glad that you like the page.