Thursday, September 3, 2009

Knit picking


Let me just tell you how crazy last night was. To put the long story short: I left my laptop in a cab the other night, another passenger got it but asked for ransom, I refused and called the police for a sting operation. It was successful but the whole event seemed too complicated to leave me unscathed: my energy was zapped.

This was what I was wearing yesterday morning, all peaceful and serene, before the whole thing transpired.


Finally, I have been able to wear my largest safety pin as a brooch. Come to think of it, the size, bulk, and fit of this knit cardigan almost make it look like a jacket.


Here is the pattern up close. Initially, I have been wary of using the gigantic safety pin because of the holes it would leave in clothes — a problem big knits do not have.

Knit cardigan, Izzue shirt, silk tie, Two Percent jeans: all thrifted; leather sneakers, Converse; safety pin from Divisoria

Pictures by Patricia Suzara


zaCHrIck said...

nice but too hot to wear like that


musie said...

I love kilt pins!!! I used to have a bunch when I was little, that I wore with everything... this makes me want to go through my attic and hunt them down.

Adam said...

nicely done mate.

Miguel Paolo Celestial said...

zaCHrIck: only wear the knit cardi at the office, then off it goes outside.

musie: speaking of kilts, hmmm...

adam: thanks!

rick said...

that's HUGE. isn't that considered a deadly weapon? lol

Anonymous said...

you blog is cute, you are cuter