Sunday, September 13, 2009

The men of Chanel

Chanel men 01

The old and the new male Chanel muses: Brad Kroenig (left most) and Baptiste Giabiconi (right most). Quite the opposites.

What do you call those 'necklaces' clasped on cravats and bow ties?

Chanel men 02

More Baptiste Giabicono in next post: Hedonism

Chanel Spring 2009 images from The Fashion Spot


stylemarker said...

i JUST like Baptiste! he's the hottest! XD

Matthew said...

can you tell me what do they call that neck accessory baptiste is wearing? i've been googling to check what it's called but to no avail :/

Miguel Paolo Celestial said...

Hi Matthew! I think I came across it before. Will search for it and tell you :)

Matthew said...

thanks hey :)