Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Mordechai Rubinstein AKA Mr. Mort

Mordechai Rubenstein 01

There is a quiet dignity to a man in a hat. Add that to an uncanny mix of patterns and a relaxed silhouette, and you get something that is more than simply dandy.

Mordechai Rubenstein 02

You get an unclassifiable and ever-evolving character. You get a personality.

Mordechai Rubenstein 03

And that is exactly what Mr. Mort has meant both for his personal sense of style and his eye for the stylish.

Mordechai Rubenstein 04

At first glance, one would wonder about all the fuss about Mr. Mort. The first time I encountered him was through this picture of him by Scott Schuman. I just thought how practical his outift looked, rugged and even utilitarian, given that he was amongst Bryant Park's tents at New York Fashion Week.

But his style is one that grows on you, one that you can only absorb slowly, noting for example, how his camouflage pants match his tartan scarf, and how these are bridged by his camel jacket and the pattern of his coat lining.

Mordechai Rubenstein 05

He could very well appear on the pages of his epoynmous blog, Mr. Mort, because of his inventive, eclectic, and casually nonchalant outfits, like this one, which solves the problem of capping his bright and complementary orange trousers with gold-detailed loafers.

Mordechai Rubenstein 06

What is otherwise boring, Mr. Rubinstein gives a lift with strong pieces and details. Red brogues and a fedora.

Mordechai Rubenstein 07

A red jacket and colorful suspenders.

Mordechai Rubenstein 08

He's been at the back of my mind for months already, but it was these portraits by William Gentle that convinced me just how significant he is stylistically.

Mordechai Rubenstein 09

This shirt.

Mordechai Rubenstein 10

And even though he wears caps, there are color bands. Takes some guts to wear pink and light blue florals. But then again, don't you think his oxfords (chambray?) even out the colors?

Mordechai Rubenstein 11

Boater and boat shoes seem typical, but I haven't seen the pair with a plaid shirt jacket, much less with blue pants in this hue.

Come to think of it, I haven't seen anybody dress quite like Mr. Mort.


-h said...
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-h said...

i dont know how to describe it, he's rugged and elegant at the same time, and not just in the clothes, but the overall aura he has in the pictures. i dont know why but even the way the camera dangles off his arm strikes me as so elegant.
he hits that just the right balance of caring without looking forced and fussy.
i love the 4th and 5th picture, i just keep coming back to stare at those two. it is perfection.
thanks for posting. it's nice to see the man behind "Mr. Mort"

Anonymous said...

-h get real you are so full of it and so obvious with your overblown puff over this guy, who looks like any sloppy wannabe type to me, you make me want to shower.

Anonymous said...

@ -h I have one comment for your overblown puff over what I see as an overhyped clown ...FAIL.