Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Playing with preppy


So this is the reason why I couldn't wear more ripped jeans, shorts, tank tops, and even ordinary tees in most of my outfits: most of my cameos fall under our office dress code.


But even if I have wished many times to have belonged in another industry just to exploit greater sartorial freedom, I believe this limitation has forced me to practice more subtle creativity, adding little details I wouldn't have bothered with if I were always busy making strong statements.

(Still getting used to the Cardis' heels, but I am loving the pair!)

Kimono robe, shirt, corduroy jeans, Cardi loafers: all thrifted; filigree belt, Brave Beltworks; navy socks, Polo Ralph Lauren; tiger's eye necklace from Divisoria

Photographs by Patricia Suzara

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Paeng said...

The brown and blue reminds me of Rafe Totengco. Hmmmm.