Sunday, September 6, 2009

Red-lettered thrift Saturday


The day started ash gray, with the morning more dazzling because of the drizzle.

gray sheer shorts

That's why I took advantage of uncertain weather and paired my lightly ashy cardigan with a thrifted pair of shorts that are almost sheer, slightly gauzy, with veins of silver in the thread. (Bought it together with my other gray items on an equally somber day.) And since they didn't have any pockets, I just inserted my white handkerchief in my cardigan, much like a jacket's pocket square.

Cardi 01

Though the sun didn't come out, the cloudy day didn't stop me from claiming these magnificent maroon loafers I blogged about the other day. Just look at the details: the panels, the braided leather, the animal skin effect, and even the gold sphinx emblem.

Cardi 02

On impulse, I wore this braided bracelet on my ankle.

Cardi 03

Here is the pair's label. Anybody heard of it?

Francois Marot 01

Even if I didn't get the other pairs I wanted, I did surface this elementary school red envelope portfolio from a pile of bags.

Francois Marot 02

It's made of some kind of plastic, lined with leather. The label reads François Marot Paris, with a dog at the center of the logo.

Romantique 01

Lastly, I took with me this small shoulder bag with compartments you wouldn't think would fit in such a quaint article. Label reads Romantique.

Romantique 02

Open it and it shows slots for cards, pens, and papers. It has three more accordioned sections (below), one closed with a zipper. I also liked the gold details, and of course, the texture and the smell of genuine leather. Looks durable, and can even fit my Canon G10 and a Starbucks tumbler. What else can you ask for?

Romantique 03

What a way to spend the day. The umbrella above and the shoes and portfolio were not the only things red. Met another stylish girl at the bookstore wearing a flaming jacket. And she was not the only one I met yesterday with red lips.


-h said...
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-h said...

this thrift shop is quite the treasure trove!!! the stuff is so phenomenal, it's a wonder how it got there in the 1st place!!

the loafers, gorgeous. and i enjoy little details like an interesting tag or lining... and that black bag is esp. gorgeous.

John said...

The envelope portfolio is an amazing find. I'm envious.

Anonymous said...

if you decided to sell the portfolio envelope lemme know... i love that portfolio! where is this thrift store?

naboonies said...

Glad that you got the loafers. I want that red envelope clutch!

Anonymous said...

would appreciate if you share this thrift store....great site....

Miguel Paolo Celestial said...

h: it's a different shop from a different city. i was especially surprised with the quality of the black bag. as if it was barely used. my maroon bass weejuns will be jealous of the new pair...

John: I just tried out the envelope clutch today. fits my 12" laptop, with some space. i hope it can accommodate a 15" one.

Anonymous: Not just yet. Bought it at a shop near the Anonas LRT II station. You see it when you exit via the St. Joseph side, while going down the stairs.

naboonies: very happy with the purchases :) it's interesting how the clutch can add to an outfit. will surely wear it out.

Adam said...

the romantique shoulder bag and cardi loafers are quite striking mate! timeless pieces so rich in colour and texture.