Saturday, September 5, 2009

Thrift shoe red alert


Help! I've got to decide before lunch which of these shoes — those that fit — I should get, lest they be swept away by the winds of fate.

This first pair is very comfortable, and unless my eyes are mistaken, they are from the house that John Lobb built. The only problem is that the leather at the back of one heel is already flaky from use. Are they still worth it?

Woven 01

Now this woven pair, which remind me of Dries Van Noten's latest offerings, I can only pine for since they're not in my size. They come in size 8 and unbranded, so if anybody out there wants them, give a quick holler.

Woven 02

Clarks Wallabees

These Clark's Wallabees are adorable, if a bit snug. I wonder if they're part of recent reissues or date back to earlier releases. Thing is, they're priced a little above what I'm comfortable shelling out.

Red Wing 01

Red Wing boots! Again too big for me, but I just have to share this find. What a wonderful shade of red to go with the laces and the thick white soles. They are a size 9. I can get them for you.

Red Wing 02


Now I don't really have words for this last pair. Even if they're a little too big, I am willing to wear corks or even extra socks just to be able to wear them.

The brand is Cardi, an apparently obscure Italian label I couldn't Google. I love the color, the staining, the detail. All of it! What should I do?


John said...

The woven pair looks nice. May I ask where this thrift shop is located? I'd like to see them up close.

naboonies said...

Uh oh.. thrift shoe porn! My local store doesn't even compare to your selection.

It's hard to choose here, but I like the woven shoes (very Botega innit?), Wallabees and the last pair .. oh my, that's a perfect pair... no question needed, just grab them already!

Miguel Paolo Celestial said...

John: You can find the woven pair at a thrift shop near the Anonas LRT II station. Coming from Cubao, once you alight and go down the stairs, the store will be there. Right in front of the security bag check desk.

Naboonies: Too bad the woven pair is too big and the Wallabees still too expensive. I did get the maroon slip-ons.

shoecartel said...

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Jann said...

the Red Wings are just my size!
do you have an idea if it's still available? ;)

Miguel Paolo Celestial said...

Jann: It's been quite a while so I'm not sure, but I'll tell you if I'm planning a trip to Cubao soon...