Saturday, September 12, 2009

White contrast collar

contrast collar

Good morning! Just wanted you to know that I'm still alive and that I'm preparing my first long post in quite a while.

New York fashion week has just started, but I promise that I'll soon catch up with my even longer runway review backlog.

In the meantime, this is what I wore last Wednesday. Didn't want to wear a tie, not even a necklace, so I instead opted for a white contrast collar, which gives just the right accent for an outfit. Additionally, I have used it as a way to reconcile, along with my gray cardigan and brown leather articles, the colors blue and black, which are not the most agreeable of companions.

Shirt, Gap; jeans, Two Percent; gray cardigan, Structure belt, and Next laceups: all thrifted


-h said...

i like it.

nadiyko said...

Not bad. I have found you ( big smile) recently. I'm very interested in same of your posts.

Miguel Paolo Celestial said...

Nice to meet you, Nadiyko.