Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Blue, yellow, and a dash of bravery


I've never tried the color combination before, but I was feeling cheerful and positive this morning, and open to some experimentation.

The anchor of this outfit is a dark navy belt with gold sequins — bought at the women's section of Mexx, but what the heck.


Here is the tie up close, with black, gray, and blue stripes. It's a little wide, but I think it works.

blue belt and tie

Here are the tie and the belt coiled and ready to strike.


And here is my entire outfit, with my lovely espadrilles, of which rubber soles are fast weathering.

My friends said that my torso was top heavy and that my shirt had to be of a lighter fabric so it won't bunch under my sheer cardigan. What do you think? Also, should the belt show or be hidden?


Suddenly I am thinking of just showing the belt at the back and not the front. All in all, I think today's little experiment wasn't a total loss. Today is one of the few days I have worn my espadrilles without rain making them squishy.

Shirt, Paul Smith; sheer Zara cardigan and Di Bazzato tie: both thrifted; skinny jeans, Two Percent; belt, Mexx; espadrilles from Davao

Outfit photos by Patricia Suzara


Shane Bailey said...

U look cute:) Try pair up a short instead of jeans!

Anonymous said...

the 'bunching up' of your shirt under the cardigan does look a little frumpy, but considering you are wearing espadrilles, the bagginess is fine with the more casual feel you are going for! i think showing the belt at the front may be too matchy-matchy with the tie. somehow i feel with the 'heavy torso' here, tucking it all in under the belt so that the belt shows would not be flattering for your physique. anyway i agree with shane above, try shorts/berms with this outfit! :)


Miguel Paolo Celestial said...

Shane and Xiaoqi: Thanks for the tip! Promise I'll post my shorts outfits once I get good tailored pairs.

Ry said...

Great look, the yellow on gray definitely works. Not a big fan of the tie (not a big fan of wide ties in general anyway), and have to ditto on the torso-heaviness vis-a-vis slimmer bottom sihouette...Always reminds me of American football players. Otherwise, good work :)
P.S. Nice belt :0 too many sequins for my taste (though muted), it's great you can pull it off!