Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A charming and enigmatic streetstyle aesthetic

Streetstyle Aesthetic 01

Don't ask me what it is, because I can't put my finger on it. There's a special quality to Wayne Tippetts's pictures on his streetstyle blog Streetstyle Aesthetic.

Wayne started this blog from the vantage point of a reportage photographer and, as it has evolved, he intends to bring something new to the genre of streetstyle photography. His love for it dates back to the 80’s when he would wander the streets of North London with his Leica to document the rich and varied expression of youth and style of the era. Read more about Wayne. Photos used with permission.

Take Patrick Grant, E. Tautz's designer, for example. There is no single piece that can be said to overpower the others. More than the clothes, the mood is also captured — I daresay the subject's state of being — of course uplifted by his DB, pocket square, tote, and socks.

Streetstyle Aesthetic 02

The same is true for Alexander's get-up. His tie is just between ornate and understated, and I love the fact the his jacket's buttons are hidden. Can you imagine how his leather gloves finish off his ensemble?

Streetstyle Aesthetic 03

The perfect summer morning brings out a swagger in the best of us. Once again here is Duncan, the editor of Acne Paper. The position of his belt, the bent ankle, the shoes, and of course his glasses. Here's looking at sheer elegance.

Streetstyle Aesthetic 04

Not all male models dress to fit the bill. This French guy in Kensington has successfully integrated a vintage-looking jacket with pants that look like tights, a printed scarf, and red shoes. He sits in front of the natural history museum.

Streetstyle Aesthetic 05

Romain practices osteopathy — a therapeutic system originally based upon the premise that manipulation of the muscles and bones to promote structural integrity could restores or preserve health. Needless to say, he appears to be in full health, and the way he looks at you manipulates your heartstrings.

Streetstyle Aesthetic 06

Dai is wearing a leather (nylon?) jacket, with a color and texture that deliciously complements his tie and vintage coat. Not even the earphones spilling from his pocket can diminish the charm of his outfit.

Streetstyle Aesthetic 07

It is as if Ross's face is emerging from water. His matching tie and shirt in peacock pattern mesmerize the eye.

Streetstyle Aesthetic 08

At first glance, Adam looks like a regular bloke, but only a master's stroke can put together casual items that fit differently (slim jacket and baggy chinos) to create a relaxed yet sharp look. The pocket square and the watch with a blue leather strap do a lot.

Streetstyle Aesthetic 09

Ross in full attire. The silhouette is decidedly period. Pant pleats! What a wonderfully thin braided belt!

Streetstyle Aesthetic 10

DJ Shaka's accessories are highly commendable, but it is his shoestring tie that provides his sartorial center of gravity.

Streetstyle Aesthetic 11

David might as well hypnotize us with his striking stripes and yellow-rimmed Raybans.

Streetstyle Aesthetic 12

Yes, he is Christian Louboutin, the famed designer of the red-soled objects of lust. So I'm not surprised by the magnificent way he wears his scarf (Look at the hem!). But what I would like to see more of are his lavender pants.

Streetstyle Aesthetic 13

Aaron wears vivid colors by Ozwald Boateng, where he also works. Notice the mustard jacket lining and the trapezoid collar.

Streetstyle Aesthetic 14

Alberto's gingham shirt almost makes you miss its Mandarin collar.

Streetstyle Aesthetic 15

Bottle green, this student's eyes are bottle green. And he sure knows how to take wardrobe coloring to his advantage.

Streetstyle Aesthetic 16

Lukas, a model, also knows how to use green — fatigues in this case — to moor the crazy colors of his Levi's jeans and vintage cardigan. The best thing about his outfit? His white tee hand-painted to echo his cardi. Frivolously brilliant.

Streetstyle Aesthetic 17

Mr. Bottle Green has a sharp eye in choosing every piece: the cardigan buttons, the pink fleck of his tee peeking like his socks, mildly tapering pants, and of course, his grown-up bag and shoes. The mix of teen street and Saville Row is ferocious — as potentially fierce as his brooch depicting the furry and mild-mannered unfed gremlin.

Streetstyle Aesthetic 18

Marshall, who interns for a Hoxton music mag, strangely reminds me of Yvan Rodic — fun, cheeky, and stylish.

Streetstyle Aesthetic 19

Randy Michael is a band lead guitarist. He's cites Miles Davis as a style influence.

Streetstyle Aesthetic 20

The color of Charlie's henley is heavenly.

Streetstyle Aesthetic 21

This snap of Christian looks terrific enough for a fashion ad. The contrast of his roguish biker jacket and casual hoodie is echoed by his intense yet boyish features.

Streetstyle Aesthetic 22

Charles's jacket has the feel of Chanel about it. Note the raised collar, the shirt's wing tips, and the way his sleeves jut out.

Streetstyle Aesthetic 23

What do you think is clipped on this gentleman's linen jacket lapels?

Streetstyle Aesthetic 24

Terrific pattern on this guy and another thin braided belt!

Streetstyle Aesthetic 25

Andrew's peacoat collar and lapels. He works for a thrift store.

Streetstyle Aesthetic 26

The details in Oscar's get-up: his fabric (braided?) belt, delightfully delicate pocket square, and red bracelet.

Streetstyle Aesthetic 27

I don't usually like predominantly sport outfit, but Oliver has created his own version with aplomb. It's all about the cuffs of his Polo ski jacket matching the checkered pattern of his H&M sweater and cap. Of course, the mix of colors, which is oddly incomplete without the Ralph Lauren logo.

Streetstyle Aesthetic 28

This lad can't get enough of buttons. Moreover, this shows just how important jacket lining is. (Or is that a sweater/cardigan?)

Streetstyle Aesthetic 29

Wayne doesn't just bring out the personalities of stylish gents, he also lets the ladies shine under his lens.

Here is Jessica, whose eyes match her outfit, and whose hair sets it all ablaze.

Streetstyle Aesthetic 30

Anna, a travel editor, shows no signs of world-weariness. Her outfit comes from Kazikstan, Singapore, and Denmark.

Streetstyle Aesthetic 31

And what other way to end this post than with Irene, an arresting angel.

Streetstyle Aesthetic 32


-h said...

the men are fantastic!

Anonymous said...

I enjoy reading your blog. This is about the only menswear blog I read. My favourite out of all these outfits you featured today is the French guy in his red shoes. The red is really a nice touch, and is a good contrast to the blue of his tights/pants, and a lovely complement to the tan, brown vintage jacket. And wow, I can't tell which part of Anna's outfit is from Singapore, my home country! Here in Singapore fashion is mostly insipid; too many people wearing the same things.


Miguel Paolo Celestial said...

Xiaoqi: Glad you enjoy the page! Who knows, a blog like yours can inspire more people in Singapore. Best regards.

Martini said...

These are all so wonderful. Thanks.