Monday, October 26, 2009

The colorful Hamish Bowles

Fantastic Man - Hamish Bowles 01

The delightful editor-at-large of Vogue US appears in the tenth issue of Fantastic Man.

Ms. ANNA WINTOUR, BOWLES's current boss, first spotted him around that time, during London Fashion Week. BOWLES was working for HARPERS & QUEEN, twirling about in a "CHANEL-esque cardigan jacket and skirt-like trousers" by JASPER CONRAN, accessorised with a 1955 CHANEL bag and an HERMÈS scarf knotted with piratical flourish at the side of the head. "She called me in for an interview, but clearly thought the better of it," BOWLES says. He did, however, eventually land a job at VOGUE and moved to New York, wardrobe in tow.

Fantastic Man - Hamish Bowles 02

Mr. HAMISH BOWLES, the English-born, New York-based European Editor of American VOGUE, has a crystal-clear recollection of his earliest fashion moment: a tantrum, mercilessly delivered at age five. His mother had taken him and his sister to a store called JOHN BARNES to buy a couple of hooded velour jackets with marsupial-like front pouches. His was navy blue with a white stripe, his sister's pink with a white stripe. "I lay down on the store floor, letting out a primal scream, thumping fists and feet until I got the pink one," BOWLES says.

Photography by Juergen Teller, Text excerpts by Armand Limnander

Fantastic Man - Hamish Bowles 03

It seems Mr. Bowles belongs to a lost world, but it is evident that his sartorial choices are informed by a very modern take on color, patterns, and combinations.

Hamish Bowles 01

He is a Sartorialist superstar on Scott Schuman's blog — what with the way he combines old and new, and always with a personal flair and flourish that are uniquely his. You cannot even begin to dissect his outfits into separate pieces. It is the man that binds them.

Hamish Bowles 02

And I should also say his relatively new movie star moustache.

Hamish Bowles 03

Hamish Bowles 04

I leave it to you to learn from the master.

Hamish Bowles 05

Hamish Bowles 06

If it seems that his ensembles are boring and not at all engaging, look twice and even thrice.

Hamish Bowles 07

A cuff link may surprise you.

Hamish Bowles 08

A camouflaged tie.

Hamish Bowles 09

Or even something as unobtrusive as tortoise shell glasses.

Hamish Bowles 10

Watch out for the patterns. And I don't mean on notebooks.

Hamish Bowles 11

Hamish Bowles 12

Hamish Bowles 13

Hamish Bowles 14

Hamish Bowles 15

Hamish Bowles 16

Hamish Bowles 17b

Hamish Bowles 18

Hamish Bowles 19

Hamish Bowles 20

Hamish Bowles 21

Images from Fantastic Man, The Sartorialist, Monochrome Magazine, and a whole lot of other sites that I will certainly credit as soon as I remember, or as soon as someone informs me — whichever comes earlier


Anonymous said...

i love that black and blue polka dotted suit with that colourful diamond printed tie! his choices are truly inspirational but one wonders if they are largely inapplicable outside the creative industry.


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