Friday, October 30, 2009

Jerome Lorico's easy complementary pieces

Jerome Lorico 01

I have just been going through the official PR photos from last week's Manila fashion shows. Although they are keen to show the public exactly what the clothes look like, somehow the romance and feel of the pieces don't show. So for this season, I am glad to say that I am fairly satisfied with how my own photos from the front row turned out.

I feel that among the shows, Jerome Lorico's was the most cohesive — in the way that he presented an idea and brought it to its completion. Of course you can say that the simpler the idea is, the easier it is to execute. But as it happens, simplicity is not as simple to achieve.

Needless to say, Jerome's entire collection is in varying shades of blue and beige, but it is the treatment of the fabric and the details that raise the twin monochromatic theme.

Jerome Lorico 03

Notice that the shorts-on-pants idea has been modified into a semi-jumper/apron-on-pants concept. The jackets are slim fitted, with a slight shoulder pagoda (Or is this just the result of big arms?).

Jerome Lorico 02

Rivets are used all around — from collars and hems to sleeves and pocket details.

Jerome Lorico 05

I like the styling.

Jerome Lorico 04

I like the linens.

Jerome Lorico 06

The braided belt is a nice touch.

Jerome Lorico 07

Though the fit and cut may not survive closer inspection.

Jerome Lorico 08

The use of the conch shell as accent is good, as it informs the audience of the range of settings the outfits can be worn in.

Jerome Lorico 09b

They move well.

Jerome Lorico 10

The shoes and sandals are remarkable — designed by Bang Pineda for local shoe label Cardams.

Jerome Lorico 11

They embody youth and summer, and offer a flexible array.

Jerome Lorico 12

The idea of shifting configurations of wooden chairs also aids the show well — they suggest not just the classroom, but also outdoor locations. The arrangement shifts as one imagines different places.

Jerome Lorico 13

Jerome Lorico 14

Jerome Lorico 15

I honestly think I have a better vantage point than the photographers in front of the runway, who cannot see this.

Jerome Lorico 16

Jerome Lorico 17

It is also interesting to document the reaction of the audience.

Jerome Lorico 19

What do you think of the midriff vest? Isn't it a good half-sporty/half-casual alternative? I also like the two-tone, sleeveless shirt — no matter how the pair resembles the sleevless outfits in the latest Prada offering.

Jerome Lorico 18

The striped soles of the sandals make them suitable not just for the beach, but also for drawstring pants weekends.

Jerome Lorico 20

Jerome Lorico 21

The bunching up of shirts is apparently everybody's problem.

Jerome Lorico 22

The blue linen shirt is dyed to resemble denim. Isn't that wonderful?

Jerome Lorico 24

Though I can't say the same for the tan version. But nevermind, the shawl collared jacket more than makes up for it.

Jerome Lorico 23

The cut of this vest makes me look at it twice, but it seems as if there's something wrong with this outfit's proportions.

Jerome Lorico 26

The exact hue of blue is riveting.

Jerome Lorico 25

Jerome Lorico 27

Again, the proportions — the hem of the long vest is too near to the hem of the shorts. Though I appreciate the partnering of yellow and blue.

Jerome Lorico 28

No shorts this time. Time for lunch!

Jerome Lorico 29

Lorico is better with menswear, but his "denim" pieces for women are not at all bad.

Jerome Lorico 30

The shoulders have it.

Jerome Lorico 31

Dyeing that simulates powder.

Jerome Lorico 33

The class is now ended. Please stand up,students.

Jerome Lorico 32

Take off your shades, young boy. Let me tell you that at least for this ensemble, the lengths of the vest and pants are perfectly coordinated. Nice sandals too.

Jerome Lorico 34

Of course, the designer gets to wear the best shirt in his collection, though the leftmost guy doth protest.


carlz_elmstherson said...

love the collection--makes me want to go to school often! XD

Anonymous said...

the clothes looks a bit stiffer i love his previous collection. Not so much this one. Hey does anyone know who made those sandals? I love it! Thanks for making an enormous detail of the collection. I saw these pics already but never notice the beauty of those sandals! You really have a keen eye.


Miguel Paolo Celestial said...

Carlz: Surprisingly, the caps add a lot to the outfits.

Philip: I agree! The footwear is by Bang Pineda, designed for Cardams.

Giancinephile said...

Some pieces are 'okay' but I'm kind of in an iffy disposition about the choice of materials or in general issues concerning about the construction of the tailored pieces like the coats. It just doesn't look tailored in the right way or perhaps I might be too meticulous as I've been indulging myself in far too many detail shots of clothes these past few days.

I guess Lorico could use some fabric research next time to avoid the bunching up of shirts, non?

Edrick said...

great review! and the footwear, super nice. (must.check.cardams.)

YekkY said...

...I especially love the shorts over short styling... the shoes where expected from Bang Pineda - AMAZING! ;D Very good review mister...